The data bank is structured in three typologies of informations.

The first one contains the basic data on the work analyzed (author and any nickname by which he is better known, title of the work, date, geographical area, technique used). To permit those interested to request the image from those who own the rights, the place where the work is held is also indicated.

The second one indicates the main iconographic elements (type of iconography, names of any characters, cities or geographical places depicted, environment or situation evoked, objects contained in it). The names of characters are generally in Italian. The place names are indicated in the form in which they appear in the Italian Touring Club Atlas.

The third one indicates the economic activities, if any, shown in the work, according to the traditional breakdown of primary, secondary and service activities, and with a series of additional specifications.

Queries on the first typology of data should be made in a univocal manner (that is, it will be possible to indicate in each a single author, museum, geographical area, century).

Queries on the second and third typologies of data may combine, in each item, several search keys.
You need only enter one or more terms per field, or select from the pull-down window the definitions best suited to your search. Naturally, it is not necessary to fill in all the entry fields.

Key words can be entered directly in the list, after clicking on the wording "search keys ". The system also allows you to decide whether the response should contain all the search keys indicated or at least one.

The system will find all (and only) those records that satisfy all the conditions at the same time.
At first, the data bank will supply a list of brief responses (author and title of works found). By clicking on each report, you can view the complete information sheet on the work, including the link to the image.

If the works located are too numerous, the system will list the first 200, inviting you to go back and refine the search.

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