Our library specialised in economic history, open daily for consultations, is divided into three main sections:

LIBRARY COLLECTION: besides a basis of indispensable classical texts, there will be a decidedly international component. With the collaboration of scholars adhering to this institution, we shall attempt to collect together the fruits of the most up-to-date research;

NEWSPAPER AND PERIODICAL LIBRARY: this will contain some of the foremost journals in this sector which one published in leading European and Western countries.

NO-PRINTED MATERIALS: this will countain microfilms reproducing archival sources and any multimedia production which may be of interest to scholars in this sector, as well as index cards, etc.
The library is included in provincial and regional library networks.

The aim of this venture is to offer yet another opportunity to all those who follow goings-on at the Foundation with interest and participate in its activities.

We wish to warmly address an invitation to all our readers: send us [] our publications, keep us informed about the most interesting studies published in your universities or your country and make sure that young scholars know about this enterprise.

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