They take place every year in Prato with a defined cadence (beginning: second Sunday in May).

Every year, about 200 scholars form all over the world participate. The themes to deal with are selected by the Scientific Committee some years in advance.

The theme of the L Study Week, which took place from from May 13th to 17th 2018, was: "Reti marittime come fattori dell’integrazione europea • Maritime Networks as a Factor in European Integration. (Réseaux maritimes comme facteurs de l'intégration européenne)". The next LI Study Week, which will take place from May 12th to 15th 2019, will discuss about "Disuguaglianza economica nelle società preindustriali: cause ed effetti • Economic inequality in pre-industrial societies: causes and effects. (L'inégalité économique dans les sociétés préindustrielles : causes et effets)".

By sending to the secretariat of the Foundation the participant's card, in due time, the Foundation can also provide for the hotel reservation with the special prices fixed with the receptive structures.

During all the conference, with the exclusion of the inaugural session, it's available the simultaneous translation in Italian and English.

It is possible to book the Acts of LI Study Week which will be published on spring 2020 with a special price of euros 35.

Those who will have done the reservation will receive a password which will allow them, if interested, starting from next 12th April to the 20th May, to read and to download from our website the provisional texts of the relations (.pdf format) and communications, presented during the convention.

Booking the Proceedings of 2019 Study Week

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