Newspaper library

In our library, the section for magazines and reviews is a particularly qualifying one and one that we expect to develop significantly. In addition to the periodicals that we are already able to locate for you, new periodicals have been added, as a result of the subscription campaigns now in progress.

Generally speaking, the criterion for taking out new subscriptions, particularly as regards foreign periodicals, will be to privilege the publications that are not already existent and available in the area of Prato and Florence. Our intention, in fact, is to add to the cultural store to which scholars and historians can have access for their study and research, by paying special attention to the less well-known areas of research and less heavily consulted sources

Periodicals indices

The idea of making sources available on line is an outgrowth of the same view of"service to scholars", as it will enable them to consult the PERIODICALS of economic and social history on file in a number of the libraries of the Prato and Florence area, from wherever they happen to be. In addition to the Foundation's own library, the operations of indexing involve, to begin with, the"Istituto culturale e di documentazione Lazzerini"of Prato, the State Archives of Prato, the Library of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Florence and the Library of Church Archives, in which we can find many periodicals of local Historical Societies.

The list is not complete yet, but it is already possible to observe which publications we indexe first. We planned to proceed by degrees, making available indices"in progress", starting from the extensive collection of periodicals available in our own library. For each publication, we first offer the indices of the most recent issues, proceeding gradually back in time to complete the entire collection, updating it with the new issues as they come out.

Modalities to accede to our service

The service includes a search engine that makes it possible, using the name of the author or a term contained in the title, to accelerate bibliographical research.

If you want to consult list and full indices of periodicals, you have to click on on title's capital letter and then on periodical's title.

The cooperation with Magazine Stacks

From April 2002, our service offer you new opportunities. We activated cooperation with a similar service: "Magazine Stacks", edited by Stuart Jenks & Dieter Rübsamen, from Stadt- und Universitäts-bibliothek Frankfurt. From 1997 they offer periodicals' indices, prevailingly edited in english and german language.

From now, we are concentrating our work to check periodicals specialized in economic and social history and periodicals edited in mediterranean and East european languages, while they are continuing to check periodicals in english and german language. From both server, you will can to consult through links to both archives.

If you want see list and indices of periodicals collected in Prato and/or Florence libraries, you have to click on title's capital letter.

The indices offered from our Istituto are signed by icon icon 'ID': indices realized by Istituto Datini; the indices of Magazine Stacks are signed by icon 'MS' icon of the"Magazine Stacks"service, indices realized by Stadt-und Universitatsbibliothek Frankfurt.

Project realized thanks to:
Ministero per i Beni Culturali
Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Prato
Provincia di Prato

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