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v. 50, 2021, 3

Daniel J. Shaw, An Economic Perspective on the Irish Monetary Tithe: A Trigger for Irish Banditti and Secret Societies Disturbances, p. 11
Christos Kollias, Michel Zouboulakis, Suzanna-Maria Paleologou, Panayiotis Tzeremes, Public Spending and Its Impact on the Pre-WWII Greek Economy: A Comparative Analysis for Civilian and Military Expenditure, p. 49
Tomoari Matsunaga, Reconsidering the Tariff Reform Controversy in Britain: Joseph Chamberlain’s Tariff Reform Versus Arthur Balfour’s Plan of Retaliatory Tariffs, p. 71

Valentina Favarò, Control Over Administration, Repression of Corruption and Practices of Negotiation in the Spanish Monarchy. The Process of Residencia of the 10th Count of Lemos, Viceroy of Peru (1667-1672), p. 113

edited by Paolo Tedesco, Annette Grabowsky
Paolo Tedesco, Annette Grabowsky, Editors' Note: Conscripts of “Transformation”: Europe in the High Middle Ages, p. 137
Paolo Tedesco, Conscripts of “Transformation”: An Introduction to the Seminar, p. 139
Christoph Haack, Isaac Smith, From Revolution to Transformation and Back Again, p. 155
Giulia Vollono, The Materiality of the “Seigneurial Transformation”, p. 171
Igor Santos Salazar, Fiscal Resources, the Regnum Italiae and an Empire in Crisis (1080-1130), p. 185
Thomas Kohl, The Seigneurial Turn, the Church and National Historiographies, p. 193
Charles West, Three Notes on Alessio Fiore’s Seigneurial Transformation, p. 203
Alessio Fiore, A Reply, p. 203

Book Reviews, p. 231
Book received, p. 251

v. 50, 2021, 2

Richard C.K Burdekin, Richard J. Sweeney, The Evolution of Sovereign Debt Default: From the Thirteenth Century to the Modern Era>, p. 9
Claudio Marsilio, Genoese financiers and the redistribution of Spanish bullion: The “Mediterranean Road” (1630-1700), p. 57
Nigel Hall, The British Debate Concerning the Supply of Cotton During the American Civil War, p. 89

Michele Bianchi, The Social Composition of Italian Co-operatives: Historical Evolution and Analysis of Political and Economic Reasons, p. 121

Review articles, p. 153
Book reviews, p. 165
Book received, p. 197

v. 50, 2021, 1

Gaetano Sabatini, Donatella Strangio, A View on Africa: Italy, the Mediterranean, the Horn of Africa, 19th and 20th Centuries, p. 9

Gian Luca Podestà, Eurafrica. Vital Space, Demographic Planning and the Division of Labour in the Italian Empire: The Legacy of Fascist Autarky, p. 17
Luca Puddu, Of Capital and Power: Italian Late-Colonial Policies in Eritrea at the Onset of the Federation with Ethiopia, p. 51
Francesca Fauri, Shifting Tides: 120 Years of Migratory Flows between Italy and Tunisia, p. 73

Morten Jerven,Donatella Strangio,Jacob Weisdorf, A Case of Its Own? A Review of Italy’s Colonisation of Eritrea, 1890-1941, p. 99
Matteo Nardozi, The Economic Policy of the Italian Administration in the Eritrean Colony in the Early 1920s: The Case of the Asmara Chamber of Commerce, p. 133
Massimo Bucarelli, Mediterranean Security Challenges, Terrorist Threats and Energy Issues: Italy and the Libyan Crisis of the 1980s, p. 157

Federica Ferrero, Antonio M. Morone, Economic Policies in Spanish Morocco and the Case of the Electric Cooperative: A Venture for a Nationalistic Strategy, p. 183
Elena Ambrosetti, Sara Miccoli, Donatella Strangio, Africa. Migrations Between Perceptions and Data Production in the Long Run, p. 207
Vittorio Caligiuri,Gaetano Sabatini, From Political Independence to Economic Dependence. The Different Trajectories of Stabilisation and Adjustment in Morocco and Tunisia During the 1980s, p. 239

Book reviews, p. 321
Book received, p. 379

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