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Human Solvency Historical Research Prize 2024

1. The prize aims to enhance the historical research of scholars who focus their investigations on the question of economic solvency considered in all its implications, starting from those of the languages, the theological, philosophical and legal lexicons that have structured concepts key such as poverty, common good, public debt, taxation, monetary institution. The intention is to promote a long-term approach by evaluating research and analysis of historical phenomena that developed between the 11th and 18th centuries. In the specific section of the website of the Fondazione Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica “F. Datini” contains further insights into the research topics covered by the award.

2. The publications and texts of the works may be in one of the official languages of the Fondazione Istituto Internazionale di Storia Economica “F. Datini” (Italian, French, English, Spanish, German) and must be received by 15 March 2024. Unpublished texts must be sent in PDF format while published volumes must be sent in both paper and PDF format. The products must be accompanied by the curriculum vitae and any other scientific title that the candidate deems useful to attach. The address to which to send the copies in PDF format is the following, while the paper format must be sent to the address of the Foundation via Ser Lapo Mazzei 37, 59100 Prato (Italy). In case of delay in the delivery of the paper copy, the date of shipment will be valid.

3. The prize amounts to € 10.000,00 (the amount must be declared for taxation by the person receiving it) paid in a single payment at the time of the award ceremony.

4. Only completed research, prepared in its final version or already published in the period starting from 1January 2022 and until the expiry date of the call for proposals, 15 March 2024 (criterion adopted for this first edition) may be submitted.
The members of the Prize Jury are:
Erik Aerts (University of Leuven), Guido Alfani (University of Milan), Philippe Bernardi (University of Paris), Bruno Callegher (University of Trieste), Hilario Casado Alonso (University of Valladolid), Markus A. Denzel (University of Leipzig), Maria Diez Yañez (University Complutense Madrid), Miriam Davide (University of Trieste), Maria Teresa Dolso (University of Padua), Paolo Evangelisti (University of Lleida), Luca Fantacci (State University of Milan), Riccardo Finozzi (Bank of Italy), Antoni Furió (University of Valencia), Roberto Lambertini (University of Macerata), Clement Lenoble (CNRS-CIHAM Lyon-Avignon), Maryanne Kowaleski (University of Fordham, New York ), Angela Orlandi (University of Florence), Maria Clara Rossi (University of Verona), Petra Schulte (University of Trier), Alessandro Silvestri (University of Salerno), Naresh Singh (University of Ottawa), Lorenzo Tanzini (University of Cagliari), Giacomo Todeschini (independent researcher). The Jury is coordinated by the General Secretary of the Prize Paolo Evangelisti (University of Lleida).

5. The Jury will decide by April 23, 2024 which research will be rewarded, sending a communication to the winner.
In the opinion of the Commission, the special mention may be approved for a second research deemed worthy of attention. The work in question does not receive any monetary prize. The Commission's judgment is unquestionable; it may also decide not to award the prize if none of the submitted works has been judged adequate.

6. The Commission may also consider publications not sent but reported by qualified scholars to the Commission. 7. Awarding of the Prize. The prize will be awarded at the opening ceremony of the 55th Study Week entitled “La mobilità sociale nelle società preindustriali: tendenze, cause ed effetti (secc. XIII-XVIII) • Social Mobility in pre-industrial societies: trends, causes and effects (13th-18th centuries)”, organized by the "F. Datini" Foundation, on May 12, 2024.

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