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n. 33, 2022, f. 1

Stephen Ridgwell, 'K is for Keeper': the roles and representations of the English gamekeeper, c. 1880-1914, p. 1-22
Sarah Law, Susanne Seymour, Charles Watkins, Women and estate management in the early eighteenth century: Barbara Savile at Rufford Abbey, Nottinghamshire (1700-34), p. 23-39
John Pickard, Early Australian rabbit-proof fences: paling, slab and stub fences, modified dry stone walls, and wire netting, p. 41-59
Ana María Carballeira Debasa, Agrarian measures in the kingdom of Granada before and after the Castilian conquest: the lands of the Alpujarra, p. 61-73
Elwira Wilczynska, Household budget management and women's position in peasant families in the Polish lands in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, p. 75-91
Blazej Jendrzejewski, The evolving economic importance of Polish forests between 1918 and 1945, p. 93-103
Emmanuel Destenay, Conscription, rural populations and the dynamics of war and revolution in Ireland (1914-18), p. 105-117
Jesús-Ángel Redondo-Carde´┐Żoso, Unions and agricultural protests in inland Spain during the Transition: the example of Burgos province (1975-80), p. 119-135

n. 32, 2021, f. 2

Peter Jones, Steven King, Karen Thompson, Clothing the New Poor Law workhouse in the nineteenth century, p. 127-148
Marta Blad, Land reform in People's Poland (1944-89), p. 149-165
Paula Jane Byrne, The language of space and ownership in rural New South Wales in the mid-nineteenth-century: rural workers, p. 167-186
John R. Mullin, Zenia Kotval, Manufacturing in Puritan rural towns in New England 1630-60: 'A Miller Never Goes to Heaven', p. 187-196
Apex Anselm Apeh, Christian Chukwuma Opata, Chidi Mike Amaechi, Onwuka Ndukwe Njoku, Cattle rights versus human rights: herdsmen-farmer clashes in Nigeria, p. 197-216
Slawomir Kalinowski, Weronika Wyduba, Rural poverty in Poland between the wars, p. 217-232
Juri Auderset, Manufacturing agricultural working knowledge: the scientific study of agricultural work in industrial Europe, 1920s-60s, p. 233-248
Elisa Botella-Rodríguez, Ángel Luis González-Esteban, Past and present land reform in Cuba (1959-2020): from peasant collectivisation to re-peasantisation and beyond, p. 249-264

n. 32, 2021, f. 1

Carl Griffin, Tom Williamson, Rural History: the prospect before us, revisited, p. 1-2

K. D. M. Snell, Ronald Blythe: 'Just a voice for his time', p. 3-22
Álvaro Arag´┐Żn-Ruano, The diffusion of maize in the Cantabrian region and its economic and demographic consequences during the Ancient Regime, p. 23-40
Colin Shepherd, The Central Uplands of Buchan - a distinctive agricultural zone in the thirteenth century: fact or fiction?, p. 41-75
Joachim Popek, Conflicts over common rights to cattle grazing on common lands and manorial properties in Austrian Galicia (1772-1918), p. 77-93
Theodor Cepraga, Bogdan Suditu, Internal colonisation in rural Romania: the sale of the state-owned estates at the end of the nineteenth century, p. 95-113
Matthew Bayly, The Loes and Wilford Poor Law Incorporation 1765-1826: 'A Prison with a Milder Name', p. 115-119

Reviews, p. 121

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