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Francisco Bethencourt, Managing Diversity in the Portuguese Empire
Bruno Romero Ferreira Miranda, Mariana Albuquerque Dantas, A Government of Indigenous Peoples: Administration, Land, and Work in the State of Brazil during the Portuguese Empire (1548-1822)
Ana Guardião, A Matter of Control: Colonial and Humanitarian Population Management Strategies, Angolan Refugees' Resistance, and the Politics of Difference (1961-1964)
Zachary Kagan Guthrie, Race and Labor in Beira during the Era of Imperial Reform
Sarah Albiez-Wieck, Taxing Calidad: The Case of Spanish America and the Philippines
Edmond Smith, Practicing Exclusion and Managing Diversity in England's Trade and Empire, 1550-1700

António Manuel Hespanha, Filhos da Terra: Identidades mestiças nos confins da expansão portuguesa, Lisbon: Tinta da China, 2019
Zoltán Biedermann, Commentary on António Manuel Hespanha, Filhos da Terra. Identidades mestiças nos confins da expansão portuguesa
Edgar Pereira, Reappraising Informal Imperialism in the Early Modern Portuguese Expansion A Commentary on António Hespanha's Filhos da Terra

Susana Varela Flor, “The Palace of the Soul Serene”: Queen Catherine of Braganza and the Consumption of Tea in Stuart England (1662-1693)

Liliana Oliveira, Naval Logistics and Imperial Consolidation: Powerplays Between the Central Powers and Private Entrepreneurship (1481-1640)
Stuart B. Schwartz, Ana Hutz, Brazil in the Global Economy of the Catholic Monarchy: The Dutch Capture of Salvador da Bahia and the 'Merchants' War'. Arbitrio of Francisco de Retama
Carla Vieira, Pombal and the Jews: Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo's Views on Judaism, Jews and New Christians
Adelaide Vieira Machado, The Intellectual Biography of Pracasha (1928-1937) as a Contribution to the Cultural Study of Democratic Thought in Goa
Catherine S. Chan, José Luís de Sales Marques, Extradition, Extraterritoriality, and Murder: Managing Portuguese Criminals in Chinese Port Cities
Luísa Tiago de Oliveira, Practices and Representations: The Portugal of Michel Giacometti

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