Explorations in Economic History

New York, Kent State University
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v. 79, 2021, 1

Vellore Arthi, John Parman, Disease, downturns, and wellbeing: Economic history and the long-run impacts of COVID-19

Seán Kenny, Jason Lennard, John D. Turner, The macroeconomic effects of banking crises: Evidence from the United Kingdom, 1750–1938
Jonathan Rose, Short-term residential mortgage contracts in American economic history Max Breitenlechner, Gabriel P. Mathy, Johann Scharler, Decomposing the U.S. Great Depression: How important were loan supply shocks?
Adrien Montalbo, Schools without a law: Primary education in France from the Revolution to the Guizot Law

Jan Annaert, Gertjan Verdickt, Go active or stay passive: Investment trust, financial innovation and diversification in Belgium's early days

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