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v. XXXII, 2014

Louis Galambos, Is this a Decisive Moment for the History of Business, Economic History, and the history of Capitalism?, p. 1
Bradley A. Hansen, Mary Eschelbach Hansen, The Evolution of Garnishment and Wage Assignment Law in Illinois, p. 19
John A. Dove, Gary M. Pecquet, and Clifford F. Thies, The Michigan Free Bank Experience: Wild Cat Banking or Interference with Contract?, p. 47
Bernard C. Beaudreau, Discriminating between Tariff Bill-Based Theories of the Stock Market Crash of 1929 Using Event Study Data, p. 80
Bernardo Bátiz-Lazo, Tobias Karlsson, Björn Thodenius, The Originss of the Cashless Society: Cash Dispensers, Direct-to-Account Payments and the Development of on-Line Real-Time Networks, c.1965-1985, p. 100

Book Reviews, p. 138
Editor's Notes, p. 158

v. XXXI, 2013

Kenneth Weiher, Sometimes the Horse Will Drink and Sometimes It Wont: Monetizing the Recoveries from the Great Depression and the Great Recession, p. 1
Randy McFerrin and Douglas Wills, Searching for the Big Die-Off: an Event Study of 19th Century Cattle Markets, p. 33
Mark J. Crowley, Reducing, Re-Defining and Retaining: the Struggle to Maintain a Stable Workforce and Service in the British Post Office during the Second World War, p. 53
Ni Yuping, Steady Customs Duties in the "Daoguang Depression", p. 78
Douglas Karsner, The Real Bottom Line: a History of Business Executives Move for Vietnam Peace, p. 92

Book Reviews, p. 120
Editor's Notes, p. 134

v. XXX, 2012

Eline Poelmans, Changes in the Structure of Coal and Steel Industries Under the Ecsc (1952-1967): Was West Germany Kept "Small"?, p. 5
Stephanie Crofton, Luis Dopico, James Wilcox, Conversions and Capital of Mutual Thrifts: Connections, Problems, and Proposals for Credit Unions, p. 31
Matthew David Mitchell, The "Extravagant Humour of Stock-Jobbing" and the Members of the English Body Politic, 1690-1720, p. 49
Clayton Koppes, Show Stoppers: Movie Censorship Considered as a Business Proposition, p.
Mark James Crowley, Women Post Office Workers in Britain: the Long Struggle for Gender Equality and the Positive Impact of World War II, p.
Helen Julia Paul, Archibald Hutcheson's Reputation as an Economic Thinker: His Pamphlets, the National Debt, and the South Seas Bubble, p.
Caroline Arnold, The Bombay Improvement Trust, Bombay Millowners and the Debate Over Housing Bombay's Millworkers, 1896-1918, p.

v. XXIX, 2011

Mathias Mutz, Going Global Acting Local: Siemens on the Chinese Electrical Market, 1904-1937, p. 5
Roger Lloyd-Jones, Myrddin John Lewis, Armaments Firms, the State Procurement System, And the Naval Industrial Complex in Edwardian Britain, p. 23
Ranjit S. Dighe, Saving Private Capitalism: the U.S. Bank Holiday of 1933, p. 41
John A. Moore, "The Grossesst And Most Unjust Species of Favoritism" Competing Views of Republican Political Economy: the Tariff Debates of 1841 And 1842, p. 59
Mark Horowitz, A Country Under Contract: Early-Tudor England And the Growth of A Credit Culture, p. 75
Patricia Van den Eeckhout, Peter Scholliers, The Belgian Multiple Food Retailer Delhaize Le Lion And Its Clientele, 1867-1914, p. 87
Jari Eloranta and Jeremy Land, Hollow Victory: Britain's Public Debt And the Seven Years' War, p. 101

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