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From Comparative to Global History: Assessing Relational Approaches to the Past
Giovanni Tarantino, Foreword
Margrit Pernau, Luc Wodzicki, Entanglements, Political Communication, and Shared Temporal Layers, p. 1
Henning Trüper, Disciplinarity and Forgetfulness: On the Older Historiography of Global Connections, p. 18
Giulia Calvi, Circulation of People, Circulation of Objects, across South Eastern Europe and the Ottoman Empire, Seventeenth to Nineteenth Centuries. Introduction, p. 30
Maria Pakucs, ‘This is their profession’ Greek merchants in Transylvania and their Networks at the End of the 17th century, p. 36
Giulia Calvi, Healing, Translating, Collecting. Doctor Michelangelo Tilli across the Ottoman Empire (1683–85), p. 55
Michal Wasiucionek, Greek as Ottoman? Language, identity and mediation of Ottoman culture in the early modern period 70
Constanta Vintila-Ghitulescu, ‘Le Coquin Grec’ vs. ‘le Véritable François’ Being a foreigner in the Danubian Principalities in Eighteenth Century, p. 90
Nicoleta Roman, Iordache Filipescu, the ‘last great boyar’ of Wallachia and his heritage: a world of power, influence and goods, p. 106

Historians and Their Craft
Daniel Barbu, An Interview with Sanjay Subrahmanyam, p. 123
Ann Thomson, Global Intellectual History: Some Reflections on Recent Publications, p. 133

Reviews and Critical Notes, p. 132


Empires, Beliefs, Emotions: Cross-Cultural Affective Histories
Merry Wiesner-Hanks, Overlaps and Intersections in New Scholarship on Empires, Beliefs, and Emotions, p. 1
Susan Broomhall, Performances of Entangled Emotions and Beliefs: French and Spanish Cultural Transformations on the Sixteenth-Century Florida Peninsula, p. 25
Benjamin Steiner, The Monuments of Empire Global Material Culture, “Colonial” Spaces and Emotional Styles in French Senegambia (c.1630–c.1730), p. 52
Edoardo Tortarolo, Is There a Happy Degrowth in Historical Studies? The Jinan Mall, Chinese Globality and Italian Historiography, p. 77

Historians and Their Craft
Daniel Barbu, Interview of Charles Zika, p. 90
Paola Molino, Interview of Daniela Hacke, p. 101

Reviews and Critical Notes, p. 108

Francesca Bertino, The exhibition of otherness. The travels of an Eskimo and her impresario in France, Italy and the Habsburg Empire in the first half of the 19th century, p. 1
Marco Platania, Relire l'histoire coloniale au XVIIIe siècle. L'édition critique de l'Histoire des deux Indes, p. 23
Ariel Hessayon, Gerrard Winstanley and Jacob Boehme, p. 36
Michele Bosco, Il commercio dei captivi nel Mediterraneo di età moderna (secc. XVI - XVIII). Orientamenti e prospettive attuali di ricerca, p. 57
Giovanni Tarantino, The Library of Gerard Nicholas Heerkens (1726–1801), Dutch physician, traveller, and Latin poet, p. 83

Selected papers from the first edition of IinteR-La+b held in Rome, at the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, on 12–13 November 2012
a cura di Giovanni Tarantino

Alberto Quadrio Curzio, Introduction, p. 87
Carlo Ginzburg, Some Queries Addressed to Myself, p. 90
Carlo Ginzburg, Our Words, and Theirs: A Reflection on the Historian's Craft, Today, p. 97
Lina Bolzoni, On "Coherence" and "Heterogeneity" in the Work of Carlo Ginzburg, p. 115
Lucio Biasiori, Some Queries about "Some Queries", p. 118
Giovanni Tarantino, Carlo Ginzburg and the Historian's Craft: Questions and Remarks, p. 123
Carlo Ginzburg, Some comments on the discussion at the Accademia dei Lincei, p. 128

Reviews and Critical Notes

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