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v. 18, 1970, 2

John Kew, The disposal of crown lands and the Devon land market, 1536-58, p. 93
R.A. French, The three-field system in sixteenth-century Lithuania, p. 106
Dennis Baker, The marketing of corn in the first half of the eighteenth century: north-east Kent, p. 126
Tom Donnelly, Arthur Clephane, Edinburgh merchant and seedsman, 1706-30, p. 151
David Hey, Work in progress, p. 161
Reviews, p. 173

v. 18, 1970, 1

John Hatcher, Non-Manorialism in Medieval Cornwall, p. 1
E.J. Evans, Tithing Customs and Disputes: the Evidence of Glebe Terriers, 1698-1850, p. 17
Richard Perren, The Landlord and Agricultural Transformation, 1870-1900, p. 36
Leslie G. Matthews, Harvesting by the Gauls: the Forerunner of the Combine Harvester, p. 52
Olive Robinson, The London Companies and Tenant Right in Nineteenth-Century Ireland, p. 54
John Sheail, List of Books and Articles on Agrarian History issued since June 1968, p. 64
Reviews, p. 72

v. 17, 1969, 2

Sir Joseph Hutchinson, Erosion and Land Use: The Influence of Agriculture on the Epirus Region of Greece, p. 85
Jean Birrell, Peasant Craftsmen in the Medieval Forest, p. 91
David G. Hey, A Dual Economy in South Yorkshire, p. 108
Hans-Heinrich Muller, Christopher Brown - an English Farmer in Brandenburg-Prussia in the Eighteenth Century, p. 120
Alan R.H. Baker, Some Terminological Problems in Studies of British Field Systems, p. 136
R.A. Butlin, Recent Developments in Studies of the Terminology of Agrarian Landscapes, p. 141
W.H. Chaloner, A Note on the Origins of the 'Broiler' Industry, p. 161
Reviews, p. 144

v. 17, 1969, 1

G.E. Fussell, The classical tradition in west European farming: the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, p. 1
David Roden, Demesne farming in the Chiltern Hills, p. 9
James Yelling, The combination and rotation of crops in east Worcestershire, 1540-1660, p. 24
A.D.M. Phillips, Underdraining and the English claylands: a review, p. 44
H.A. Beecham, List of books and articles on agrarian history, p. 56
Reviews, p. 64

v. 16, 1968, 2

Ernest A. Pocock, The first fields in an Oxfordshire parish, p. 85
B.K. Roberts, A study of medieval colonization in the Forest of Arden, Warwickshire, p. 101
J.P.D. Dunbabin, The incidence and organization of agricultural trades unionism in the 1870s, p. 114
James R. Coull, Crofters' common grazings in Scotland, p. 142
M.L. Ryder, Sheep and the clearances in the Scottish Highlands: a biologist's view, p. 155
Lucia Pearson, A note on the history of black-eared White Cattle, p. 159
Reviews, p. 161

v. 16, 1968, 1

Colin Thomas, Thirteenth-century farm economies in North Wales, p. 1
W.G. Hoskins, Harvest fluctuations and English economic history, 1620-1759, p. 15
P. Searby, Great Dodford and the later history of the Chartist land scheme, p. 32
E.H. Whetham, Sectoral advance in English agriculture, 1850-80: a summary, p. 46
John Rowe, An early West-Country sheep farmer in Australia, p. 49
H.A. Beecham, List of books and articles on agrarian history issued since September 1966, p. 54
Reviews, p. 60

v. 15, 1967, 2

E.J.T. Collins, E.L. Jones, Sectoral advance in English agriculture, 1850-1880, p. 65
R.W. Sturgess, The agricultural revolution on the English clays: a rejoinder, p. 82
Julian Bartys, English and Scottish farmers in Poland in the first half of the nineteenth century, p. 88
G. Whittington, Towards a terminology for strip lynchets, p. 103
Ian Beckwith, The remodelling of a common-field system, p. 108
Alan Everitt, Work in progress, p. 113
Reviews, p. 127

v. 15, 1967, 1

Helena H. Clark, The origin and early history of the cultivated barleys. A botanical and archaeological synthesis, p. 1
J.M. Martin, The parliamentary enclosure movement and rural society in Warwickshire, p. 19
D.J. Siddle, The rural economy of medieval Holderness, p. 40
H.A. Beecham, List of books and articles on agrarian history issued since September 1965, p. 46
Reviews, p. 54

v. 14, 1966, 2

Rosamond Jane Faith, Peasant families and inheritance customs in medieval England, p. 77
J.M. Martin, Landownership and the land tax returns, p. 96
R.W. Sturgess, The agricultural revolution on the English clays, p. 104
Brian J.R. Blench, Seaweed and its use in Jersey agriculture, p. 122
Reviews, p. 129

v. 13, 1965, 2

T.C. Smout, Alexander Fenton, Scottish Agriculture before the Improvers - an Exploration, p. 73
J. Geraint Jenkins, Technological Improvement and Social Ch'ange in South Cardiganshire, p. 94
Brian Loughbroug, An Account of a Yorkshire Enclosure- Staxton 1803, p. 106
Alan Everitt, Work in Progress, p. 116
Reviews, p. 127

v. 9, 1961, 2

M.A. Havinden, Agricultural Progress in Open-field Oxfordshire, p. 73
E.R.R. Green, On Open Town-fields, p. 84
Jeffrey Radley, Holly as a Winter Feed, p. 89
George Houston, Agricultural Statistics in Scotland before 1866, p. 93
R.A. Butlin, Some Terms used in Agrarian History: a Glossary, p. 98
L. Ryder, Livestock Remains from Four Medieval Sites in Yorkshire, p. 105
Joan Thirsk, Work in Progress, p. 112
Reviews, p. 120

v. 9, 1961, 1

J.T. Coppock, Agricultural Changes in the Chilterns, 1875-1900, p. 1
T.W. Fletcher, Lancashire Livestock Farming during the Great Depression, p. 17
June A. Sheppard, East Yorkshire's Agricultural Labour Force in the mid-Nineteenth Century, p. 43
Joan Thirsk, List of Books and Articles on Agrarian History issued since September 1959, p. 55
Reviews, p. 65

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