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III ser., 43, 2022, II

Massimo Moraglio, Transport history methodology: New trends and perspectives, p. 169
Govind Gopakumar, Placing automobility in postcolonial cities: Towards an ontology of a displaced past, p. 172
Thomas Spain, David A. Turner, Food for thought: Transport within the food supply chain, p. 194
Colin Pooley, Spotlight on the traveller: Individual experiences of routine journeys, p. 214
Zef Segal, The naturalisation of nineteenth-century German Railways as depicted in visual discourse, p. 232

Giovanni Favero, Michael-W. Serruys, Miki Sugiura, A new place for transport in urban network theory: The urban logistic network, p. 256
Daniel Normark, Ontologies on collision course: Collaborative mobility v. managerial transport in the contemporary history of intelligent transport systems, p. 277
James Fowler, Historical Institutionalism, Hybridity and Institutional Logics in Public Transport History, p. 296
Hugo Silveira Pereira, Photography and transport history: a speculative approach to a theoretical framework, p. 312

Book Reviews, p. 333

III ser., 43, 2022, I

James Cohen, Contributions to the post-World War II History of High-Speed Ground Transport in the United States, p. 3

Albert J. Churella, Private agendas and the public good: The contested development of high-speed passenger rail transport in the United States, p. 11
David Reinecke, Moonshots to Nowhere? The Metroliner and Failed High-Speed Rail in the United States, 1962-1977, p. 33
Jonathan Michael Feldman, High-speed rail and barriers to innovation: The Budd Company and the limits of US indirect industrial policy in the 1960s and 1970s, p. 54
James K. Cohen, Development of a futuristic technology programme: How the aerospace industry (almost) transformed ground transportation in the United States (1960-1972), p. 82
Jonathan English, Getting Off Track: the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project in an International Context, p. 107
Melanie Bassett, Negotiating Mobility: Royal Dockyard Workers as Railway Excursion Agents and Social Entrepreneurs, 1880-1918, p. 131

Book Reviews, p. 152

III ser., 42, 2021, III

Valentina Fava, Lenka Kr�tk�, Business Travels and Cold War mobilities, p. 347

Pavel M�cke, Tony goes out into the world: The official travels abroad of the President of Czechoslovakia, Anton�n Novotn� (1953-68), p. 360
Lenka Kr�tk�, "To Make Some Extra Money": Smuggling and black marketeering by Czechoslovak transport workers (1970s and 1980s), p. 381
Lucie Markov�, Next Stop, Ruzyne International Airport: The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and its Tours Abroad in the 1970s and 1980s, p. 399
Henk-Jan Dekker, An accident of history? How mopeds boosted Dutch cycling infrastructure (1950-1970), p. 420
Konstantinos Chatzis, Managing traffic complexity. Canadian transport planning software package Emme, 1970s-2010s, p. 444

Book Reviews, p. 467
Reviewer list, p. 479

III ser., 42, 2021, II

Andra B. Chastain, "A shameful and uncivilized spectacle": Taxibuses, students, and the conflicted road to deregulation in Pinochet's Chile, 1975-1978, p. 187
Lawrence Douglas Taylor, Monorails as international transborder links. The El Paso-Ciudad Ju�rez monorail proposal, 1964-1976, p. 206
Colin Pooley, Walking spaces: Changing pedestrian practices in Britain since c. 1850, p. 227
Martin Emanuel, Challenging the system: Pedestrian sovereignty in the early systemisation of city traffic in Stockholm, ca. 1945-1955, p. 247
Fredrik Bertilsson, Politics, industry, and tourism: The conceptual construction of the blue highway, p. 277
Egor Lykov, The repair and maintenance of locomotives as sources of innovation and technology transfer. New insights from the Ryazan-Uralsk private railway (Russia, 1890-1914), p. 299

Book Reviews, p. 333

III ser., 42, 2021, I

James Longhurst, "Such business will be impossible": Mitsubishi Trading Company and the roles of design and tariff policy in the American bicycle market (1933-1938), p. 3
Elvira Khairullina, Luis Santos y Ganges, Tram, trolleybus and bus services in Eastern-European socialist urban planning: Case studies of Magdeburg, Ostrava and Oryol (1950s and 1960s), p. 26
Hugo S. Pereira, Expertise and policy-making: Main actors, debates and outcomes in the making of the Portuguese railway network (1850-90), p. 58
Malcolm Abbott, Jill Bamforth, Government procurement policy and the establishment of manufacturing: Aircraft industry in Australia, Canada and South Africa 1918-39, p. 81

J. Lucien D. Houle, Connecting the medieval and the mobile: The case of Crusader Acre, p. 101
Arnaud Passalacqua, The carbon footprint of a scientific community: A survey of the historians of mobility and their normalized yet abundant reliance on air travel, p. 121

Nitin Sinha, Histories of transport and communication in South Asia: A first review, p. 142

Aparajita Mukhopadhyay, Obituary: Ian J Kerr (1941-2020), p. 170

Book Reviews, p. 173

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