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a. 62, 2021, 4

Nathan Cardon, Cycling on the Color Line: Race, Technology, and Bicycle Mobilities in the Early Jim Crow South, 1887-1905, p. 973
Paola Bertucci, Spinners' Hands, Imperial Minds: Migrant Labor, Embodied Expertise, and the Failed Transfer of Silk Technology across the Atlantic, p. 1003
Kjell D. Ericson, Judging the Perle Japonaise: The Techno-Legal Separation of Culture from Nature in 1920s Paris, p. 103
Amelia Bonea, "Contagion by Telephone": Print Media and Knowledge about Infectious Diseases in Britain, 1880s-1914, p. 1063
Elizabeth A. Kessler, Technology's Palette: Voyager's Eyes and the Hyperchromatic Enhancement of Jupiter and Saturn, p. 1087
Rod Bantjes, The Optical Machine's Asynchronic Progress: Perceptual Paradigms and 3-D Enhancement Technologies, 1700-1925, p. 1119
Harold D. Wallace Jr., Inventing in a Crisis: Lighting the United States after the 1973 Oil Embargo, p. 1143
Jeffrey Bartos, The Accumulated Knowledge of a Thousand Generations: U.S. Mining Engineers as Public Intellectuals, 1885-1920, p. 1172
Cindy Ott, Seeing History in 2-D: A Tool Kit for Interpreting Images, p. 1199
Storytelling Historians, p. 1217
David E. Nye, Harari's World History: Evolution toward Intelligence without Consciousness?, p. 1219

a. 62, 2021, 3

Amanda Beardsley, The Female Absorption Coefficient: The Miniskirt Study, Gender, and Latter-day Saint Architectural Acoustics, p. 659
Jan Hua-Henning, Opening the Red Box: The Fire Alarm Telegraph and Politics of Risk Response in Imperial Germany, 1873-1900, p. 685
Jennifer Fraser, Seeing Infrared: Breast Cancer, Inuit, and the Extractive Colonality of Disease Distributions and Diagnostic Imaging Technologies, p. 709
Leor Halevi, What Hath Allah Wrought? The Global Invention of Prescriptive Machines for the Islamic Consumer, 1975-2010, p. 741
John E. Murray, Javier Silvestre, How Do Mines Explode? Understanding Risk in European Mining Doctrine, 1803-1906, p. 780
Anthony Eames, A "Corruption of British Science?": The Strategic Defense Initiative and British Technology Policy, p. 812
Owen Marshall, The Maniac-Making Machine: A Media History of Delayed Auditory Feedback, p. 839

a. 62, 2021, 2

Dagmar Sch�fer, Simona Valeriani, Technology Is Global: The Useful & Reliable Knowledge Debate, p. 327
Feza G�nergun, Timekeepers and Sufi Mystics: Technical Knowledge Bearers of the Ottoman Empire, p. 348
Dagmar Sch�fer, Useful Work: State Demands and Craftsmen's Social Mobility in Fifteenth-Century China, p. 373
Takehiko Hashimoto, Making and Using Scientific Instruments in Japan: How Scholars and Craftsmen Cooperated, 1781-1853, p. 401
Masayuki Tanimoto, Introduction and Diffusion: Useful and Reliable Knowledge in Early Modern Industrial Japan, p. 423
Liliane Hilaire-Pérez, The Codification of Techniques: Between Bureaucracy and the Markets in Early Modern Europe from a Global Perspective, p. 442
Simona Valeriani, Grasping the Body: Physicians, Tailors, and Holy People, p. 467
Tirthankar Roy, Useful & Reliable: Technological Transformation in Colonial India, p. 494
Rosalind Williams, Crisis: The Emergence of Another Hazardous Concept, p. 521
Johannes-Geert Hagmann, Contested Heritage in East Asia: Colonial Memory & Technology Sites, p. 547
Daisuke Konagaya, How an Imperial Military Laboratory Became a Museum for Peace, p. 551
John P. DiMoia, "Difficult Heritage" & Selective Elision: The Seoul Power Plant, p. 561
Hsien-Chun Wang, Contested Tracks to Modernity: Negotiating Narratives at Taiwan's Railway Department Park, p. 573

a. 62, 2021, 1

Ryan Driskell Tate, Rural Revolt: Power Line Protests and the Alternative Technology Movement in the United States, 1970s, p. 1
Felipe Fernandes Cruz, Hacking Airspace: The Insurgent Technology of Brazil's Hot Air Balloons, 1970-Present, p. 27
Jeff Nagy, Pink Chat: Networked Sex Work before the Internet, p. 57
Hugo Silveira Pereira, Railway Imperialism Revisited: The Failed Line from Macao to Guangzhou, p. 82
Marcin Krasnodebski, Upscaling Forest Waste: The French Quest for Fuel Autarky after World War I, 105
Jessamyn R. Abel, Technologies of Cold War Diplomacy: Transforming Postwar Japan, p. 128
Gloria Calhoun, Why Wire Mattered: Building U.S. Networked Infrastructures, 1845-1910, p. 156
Colin Levings, The Fishery Technology Complex: From Mapping to Depletion of Pacific Ocean Perch, 1880s-1970s, p. 185
Eda Kranakis, Writing Technology into History, p. 212
Shorouk El Hariry, On Our Own Terms: Towards a History of Arab Technological Landscapes and Cultures, p. 241

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