I Tatti studies : Essays in the Renaissance

Chicago (già Firenze), Harvard University. Center for Italian Studies Villa I Tatti
Semestrale, già biennale (fino al 2012)
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Consistenza: v. 1, 1985-

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v. 24, 2021, 2

Jane Tylus, Editor's Note, p. 217

Brittany Asaro, An Inside View: Gendered Perspectives on Freedom in Decameron 7.5, p. 223
Jennifer McFarland, Ties That Unbind: Proximities, Pizzochere, and Women's Social Options in Early Modern Venice, p. 241
Jane Stevens Crawshaw, A Sense of Time: Experiencing Plague and Quarantine in Early Modern Italy, p. 269
Miles Pattenden, Papal Rome in Lockdown: Proximities, Temporalities, and Emotions during the Im/mobility of the Conclave, p. 291
Mahnaz Yousefzadeh, Judeo-Persian-Tobit and G.B. Vecchietti: Exile and Writing between Florence and the Persianate World, p. 311

Nirit Ben-Aryeh Debby, Bride, Court Lady, Oriental Princess, Virgin Mary, Jewess: The Many Faces of Queen Esther in Early Modern Florence, p. 345
Selene Maria Vatteroni, Letture "spirituali" di Petrarca all'Accademia Fiorentina, p. 377
Deborah Parker, Ovidian Influences and Figural Obsessions in Michelangelo's Fall of Phaethon Drawings, p. 401

v. 24, 2021, 1

Jane Tylus, Editor's note, p. 1

Ronald L. Martinez, The Oblique Glance of the Muse: Invidious Rivalry, Culture Wars, and Disputed Epic Authority in Petrarch's Africa, p. 7
Valeria Finucci, A Royal Accident: Medical Authority and Political Dynamics in 1559, p. 41
Suzanne B. Butters, Disorders at the Grand Duke's Shrine of Santissima Annunziata, p. 67
Francesco Brenna, The Role of Music in Tasso's Reflections on the Value of Poetry, p. 101
Alessia Bellusci, Jewish Magic in the Syncretic Renaissance: Baking a Pizza for the Bogeyman, p. 125
Filippo Petricca, The Vanishing of Angelica: Ariosto, Cervantes, and the Economy of Gratitude, p. 161
Eileen Reeves, And Now You Don't, p. 191

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