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v. 46, 2021, 5

Sverrir Jakobsson, All the King’s men. The incorporation of Iceland into the Norwegian Realm, p. 571
Ina Lindblom, Making sense of romantic jealousy in late 18th-century Sweden - the experiences of Pehr Stenberg, p. 593
Evgenii Egorov, Danish visions of the Scandinavian union (1809-1810): a genealogy of the rhetoric and pragmatics of justification, p. 619
Trond O. Třllefsen, James M. White, Navigating an Orthodox conversion: community, environment, and religion on the Island of Ruhnu, 1866-7, p. 642
Heli Huhtamaa, Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist, Climate in Nordic historical research - a research review and future perspectives, p. 665
Marjo Uutela, Looking for Nordic allies. The interest of the Kohl government in enlarging the European Community to the north 1985-1992, p. 696

v. 46, 2021, 4

Thomas K. Heebřll-Holm, Piratical slave-raiding - the demise of a Viking practice in high medieval Denmark, p. 431
Ilmar Tammisto, Money and grain for law and order: interaction between the nobility and state authorities in Livland in the 17th century, p. 455
Rasmus Christensen, ‘Against the Law of God, of nature and the secular world’: conceptions of sovereignty in early colonial St. Thomas, 1672-1680, p. 476
Guđný Hallgrímsdóttir, Independent women in 18th-century Iceland analysis of the economic status of poor peasant women, p. 493
Kristine Dyrmann, Political sociability at the Brahetrolleborg estate in Denmark, 1789-90, p. 510
Nevra Biltekin, Migrating women and transnational relations: Swedish-American connections since the 1920s, p. 531
Fredrik Bertilsson, The Swedish Defence Research Establishment (FOA) and the influence of historical knowledge on Swedish civil resistance policy, p. 550

v. 46, 2021, 3

Alban Gautier, Remembering And Forgetting Pagan Kings Of The Danes In The Eleventh Century. Diverging Choices Within an Early Christian Dynasty, p. 285
Sarah Croix, Nelleke Ijssennagger, Van Der Pluijm, Cultures Without Borders? Approaching the cultural continuum in the Danish-Frisian coastal areas in the early Viking Age, p. 304
Kai Peter Řstberg, The power of reputation: Navigating conflicting notions of honour within the elite of Denmark-Norway, c. 1784-1814, p. 328
Pĺl Brunnström, Peter Gladoic Hĺkansson, Carolina Uppenberg, Migration and housing regimes in Sweden 1739-1982, p. 353
Essi Jouhki, ‘Then we were ready to be radicals!’: school student activism in Finnish upper secondary schools in 1960-1967, p. 383
Ada Nissen, A greener shade of black? Statoil, the Norwegian government and climate change,1990-2005, p. 408

v. 46, 2021, 2

Jyrki Nissi, Communal Acts in the Process of Death: A Comparison Between Nordic and South European 15th-century Hagiographic Material, p. 149
Biörn Tjällén, ‘King Bottomless Empty Purse’: Taxes, Avarice and Pastoral Care in the Swedish Reign of Christian I (1457-64), p. 172
Jukka Kortti, Towards the European transnational public sphere: Finnish liberal intellectuals and their periodicals between nationalism and internationalism under russification, p. 196
Vesa Yrjö Vares, From allies to opponents. Conservatives facing fascism in Finland in the 1930s, p. 224
Christian Egander Skov, A true People’s Party?-The rise and fall of one nation conservatism in Denmark in the 1940s, p. 248
Naman Karl-Thomas Habtom, The Swedish Role in the Disarmament of Iraq, 1991-2003, p. 269

v. 46, 2021, 1

David Brégaint, Kings and aristocratic elites: communicating power and status in medieval Norway, p. 1
Samu Sarviaho, The elusive Finn: ethnic identities, source criticism and the early history of Northern Sweden in seventeenth-century Swedish historiography, p. 21
Erik Bodensten, A societal history of potato knowledge in Sweden c. 1650-1800, p. 42
Martin Dackling, Traditional or modern peasants? odelsrett and bördsrätt in parliamentary debates, 1810 - 1860. Traditional or modern peasants?, p. 63
Ř. Hetland, N. Karcher, K. B. Simonsen, Navigating troubled waters: collaboration and resistance in state institutions in Nazi-occupied Norway, p. 84
Baard Herman Borge, Lars-Erik Vaale, Stretching the rule of law: how the norwegian resistance movement influenced the provisional treason decrees of the exile government, 1944-1945, p. 105
Martin Ericsson, What happened to ‘race’ in race biology? The Swedish State Institute for Race Biology, 1936-1960, p. 125

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