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copertina della rivista

v. 69, 2021, 3

Paul Sharp, Special issue on 'Agriculture and economic development', p. 197
María Isabel Ayuda, Vicente Pinilla, Agricultural exports and economic development in Spain during the first wave of globalisation, p. 199
�rni Dan�el J�l�usson, Agricultural growth in a cold climate: the case of Iceland in 1800-1850, p. 217
Kristin Ranestad, Connecting formal education and practice to agricultural innovation in Denmark (1860s-1920): a note on sources and methods, p. 233
Natalia Rozinskaya, Alexander Sorokin, Dmitry Artamonov, Peasants' inequality and stratification: evidence from pre-revolutionary Russia, p. 253
Antonie Doležalov�, A stolen revolution. The political economy of the land reform in interwar Czechoslovakia, p. 278
Gloria Sanz Lafuente, Atoms for feeding: radioisotopes from the laboratory to the market, 1946-1960, p. 301

v. 69, 2021, 2

Lars Karlsson, Henric H�ggqvist, Peter Hedberg, Market structure and efficiency in Swedish commercial banking, 1912-1938, p. 103
Mikko Moilanen, Hilde Leikny Sommerseth, 'I will learn from it for as long as I live' - religious reading and functional literacy skills, p. 124
Nikita Lychakov, The distributional effect of a financial crisis: Russia 1899-1905, p. 140
Per H�gselius, Yunwei Song, Extractive visions: Sweden's quest for China's natural resources, 1913-1917, p. 158
Jakob Starlander, Conflict and negotiation: management of forest commons in seventeenth-century Northern Finland, p. 177

v. 69, 2021, 1

Zenonas Norkus, Vaidas Morkevicius, Jurgita Markeviciute, From warfare to welfare states? Social and military spending in the Baltic States 1918-1940, p. 1
Martin Klesment, Kersti Lust, Short-term economic stress and mortality differentials in rural Estonia, 1834-1884, p. 22
Svante Prado, Christer Lundh, Kristoffer Collin, Kerstin Enflo, Labour and the 'law of one price': regional wage convergence of farm workers in Sweden, 1757-1980, p. 41
Sverre A. Christensen, Dubrowka - a free-standing company from a Norwegian family-network capitalism, p. 63
Rodney Edvinsson, Klas Eriksson, Gustav Ingman, A real estate price index for Stockholm, Sweden 1818-2018: putting the last decades housing price boom in a historical perspective, p. 83

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