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v. 35, 2022, 1

Hendrik J�rges, Luca Stella, Alexandra Schwarz, Cohort at risk: long-term consequences of conflict for child school achievement (first, second and last of 4), p. 1
Marina Mileo Gorzig, Deborah Rho, The effect of the 2016 United States presidential election on employment discrimination, p. 45
Crystal Zhan, Wage distributions in origin societies and occupational choices of immigrant generations in the USA, p. 89
Simen Markussen, Marte Str�m, Children and labor market outcomes: separating the effects of the first three children, p. 135
Jacob Nielsen Arendt, Labor market effects of a work-first policy for refugees, p. 169
J�n Palguta, Ren� Lev�nsk�, Samuel Škoda, Do elections accelerate the COVID-19 pandemic?, p. 197
Pierre Pestieau, Gregory Ponthiere, Optimal lockdown and social welfare, p. 241
Fernanda Marquez-Padilla, Biani Saavedra, The unintended effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders on abortions, p. 269
Federico H. Gutierrez, The inter-generational fertility effect of an abortion ban, p. 307
Enkelejda Havari, Marco Savegnago, The intergenerational effects of birth order on education, p. 349
Jan Priebe, Correction to: Quasi-experimental evidence for the causal link between fertility and subjective well-being, p. 379

v. 34, 2021, 4

Martin Kahanec, Luk�š Laff�r, sBernhard Schmidpeter, The impact of repeated mass antigen testing for COVID-19 on the prevalence of the disease, p. 1105
Daniel Graeber, Alexander S. Kritikos, Johannes Seebauer, COVID-19: a crisis of the female self-employed, p. 1141
Augusto Cerqua, Roberta Di Stefano, Sara Miccoli, Local mortality estimates during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy (first, second and last of 4), p. 1189
Annie Tubadji, Culture and mental health resilience in times of COVID-19, p. 1219
Eiji Yamamura, Yoshiro Tsustsui, School closures and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan, p. 1261
Steffen Juranek, Floris T. Zoutman, The effect of non-pharmaceutical interventions on the demand for health care and on mortality: evidence from COVID-19 in Scandinavia, p. 1299
Abel Brodeur, Idaliya Grigoryeva, Lamis Kattan, Stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and trust, p. 1321
Neha Deopa, Piergiuseppe Fortunato, Coronagraben in Switzerland: culture and social distancing in times of COVID-19, p. 1355
Isaure Delaporte, Julia Escobar, Werner Pe�a, The distributional consequences of social distancing on poverty and labour income inequality in Latin America and the Caribbean, p. 1385
Catalina Amuedo-Dorantes, Neeraj KaushalAshley N. Muchow, Timing of social distancing policies and COVID-19 mortality: county-level evidence from the U.S., p. 1445
James Foreman-Peck, Peng Zhou, Correction to: fertility versus productivity: a model of growth with evolutionary equilibria, p. 1473

v. 34, 2021, 3

Maxim Ananyev, Michael Poyker, Yuan Tian, The safest time to fly: pandemic response in the era of Fox News, p. 775
Elena Del Rey, Andreas Kyriacou, José I. Silva, Maternity leave and female labor force participation: evidence from 159 countries, p. 803
Rita Peto, Bal�zs Reizer, Gender differences in the skill content of jobs, p. 825
Bernt Bratsberg, Oddbj�rn Raaum, Knut R�ed, Excess churn in integrated labor markets, p. 865
Diana Contreras Suarez, Pushkar Maitra, Health spillover effects of a conditional cash transfer program, p. 893
v Thomas Hofmarcher, The effect of paid vacation on health: evidence from Sweden, p. 929
Benjamin Artz, Colin P. Green, John S. Heywood, Does performance pay increase alcohol and drug use?, p. 969
Maja Pedersen, Claudia Riani, Paul Sharp, Malthus in preindustrial Northern Italy?, p. 1003
Andr�s Forero, Francisco A. Gallego, Mat�as Tapia, Railroads, specialization, and population growth: evidence from the first globalization, p. 1027
James Foreman-Peck, Peng Zhou, Fertility versus productivity: a model of growth with evolutionary equilibria, p. 1073

v. 34, 2021, 2

M. Niaz Asadullah, Elisabetta De Cao, Zahra Siddique, Measuring gender attitudes using list experiments, p. 367
Simon Chang, The sex ratio and global sodomy law reform in the post-WWII era, p. 401
Nguyen Thang Dao, Julio D�vila, Angela Greulich, The education gender gap and the demographic transition in developing countries, p. 431
Huichao Du, Yun Xiao, Liqiu Zhao, Education and gender role attitudes, p. 475
Carole Bonnet, Bertrand Garbinti, Anne Solaz, The flip side of marital specialization: the gendered effect of divorce on living standards and labor supply, p. 515
David G. Blanchflower, Is happiness U-shaped everywhere? Age and subjective well-being in 145 countries, p. 575
David G. Blanchflower, Andrew E. Clark, Children, unhappiness and family finances, p. 625
Ferdi Botha, John P. de New, Nicol�s Salamanca, Implications of COVID-19 labour market shocks for inequality in financial wellbeing, p. 655
Nicholas W. Papageorge, Matthew V. Zahn, Egon Tripodi, Socio-demographic factors associated with self-protecting behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic, p. 691
Leonardo Baccini, Abel Brodeur, Stephen Weymouth, The COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 US presidential election, p. 739
Michaella Vanore, Correction to: Why is fertility on the rise in Egypt? The role of women's employment opportunities, p. 769

v. 34, 2021, 1

Štep�n Jurajda, Dejan Kovac, Names and behavior in a war, p. 1
Lixing Li, Xiaoyu Wu, Yi Zhou, Intra-household bargaining power, surname inheritance, and human capital accumulation, p. 35
Gigi Foster, Leslie S. Stratton, Does female breadwinning make partnerships less healthy or less stable?, p. 63
Jakub Lonsky, Does immigration decrease far-right popularity? Evidence from Finnish municipalities, p. 97
Sandra V. Rozo, Therese Anders, Steven Raphael, Deportation, crime, and victimization, p. 141
Cristina Bell�s-Obrero, Nicolau Martin Bassols, Judit Vall Castello, Safety at work and immigration, p. 167
Fabio Milani, COVID-19 outbreak, social response, and early economic effects: a global VAR analysis of cross-country interdependencies, p. 223
Domenico Depalo, True COVID-19 mortality rates from administrative data, p. 253
Luca Bonacini, Giovanni Gallo, Fabrizio Patriarca, Identifying policy challenges of COVID-19 in hardly reliable data and judging the success of lockdown measures, p. 275
Luca Bonacini, Giovanni Gallo, Sergio Scicchitano, Working from home and income inequality: risks of a 'new normal' with COVID-19, p. 303

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