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v. 55, 2021, 1

Vanessa Freije, Rachel Nolan, Interpretative Challenges in the Archive: An Introduction, p. 1
David Sartorius, Transitory Trust: Falsified Passports, Circulars, and Other Speculations in Nineteenth-Century Cuba, p. 7
José Ragas, Internal Passports, Counterfeiting, and Subversive Practices in Early Postcolonial Peru, p. 27
Colby Ristow, Sex, Money, and Murder on the Isthmus: Rumor, Disinformation, and the Politics of Denunciation in Revolutionary Mexico, p. 46
Jonathan D. Ablard, Ernesto Bohoslavsky, Rumors, Pescado Podrido and Disinformation in Interwar Argentina, p. 65
Gema Kloppe-Santamaría, Deadly Rumors: Lynching, Hearsay, and Hierarchies of Credibility in Mexico, p. 85
Sarah Foss, Rumors of Insurgency and Assassination in the Ixc�n, Guatemala, p. 105
Patrick J. Doyle, "It Will Take a Man Person with you to . . . Keep the Place Up": Family, Gender, and Power in Confederate Common White Households, p. 127
Natalia Doan, Samurai and Southern Belles: Interracial Romance, Southern Morality, and the 1860 Japanese Embassy, p. 149
Catherine Ladds, Educating the China-Born: Colonial Cosmopolitanism in Shanghai's Schools for Settler Children, 1870-1943, p. 180
Myles Osborne, Rites, Rights, Rastafari! Statehood and Statecraft in Jamaica, c. 1930-1961, p. 207
Karen Vallg�rda, Katrine R�nsig Larsen, Emotional Echoes: Young People, Divorce, and the Public Media, 1960-2000, p. 226

v. 54, 2021, 4

Stephen Robertson, Lincoln Mullen, Arguing with Digital History: Patterns of Historical Interpretation, p. 1005
Rachel Midura, Itinerating Europe: Early Modern Spatial Networks in Printed Itineraries, 1545-1700, p. 1023
Leonardo Barleta, Spatial Genealogies: Mobility, Settlement, and Empire-Building in the Brazilian Backlands, 1650
, p. 1064
Susannah Ottaway, "A Very Bad Presidente in the House": Workhouse Masters, Care, and Discipline in the Eighteenth-Century Workhouse, p. 1091
Rebekah E. Pite, The Rural Woman Enters the Frame: A Visual History of Gender, Nation, and the Goodbye Mate in the Postcolonial R�o de la Plata, p. 1120
Angela Pulley Hudson, The Indian Doctress in the Nineteenth-Century United States: Race, Medicine, and Labor, p. 1160
Tanfer Emin Tunc, Louise Spieker Rankin's Global Souths: An American Cookbook for India and Culinary Imperialism, p. 1188
Jeffrey S. Adler, "Justice Is Something That Is Unheard of for the Average Negro": Racial Disparities in New Orleans Criminal Justice, 1920-1945, p. 1213

v. 54, 2021, 3

Andrey V. Gornostaev, Trade in Runaway Peasants and "The Chichikov Phenomenon" in Eighteenth-Century Russia, p. 715
Paul Musselwhite, Naming Plantations: Toponyms and the Construction of the Plantation System in the English Atlantic, p. 741
Melanie A. Kiechle, "Health is Wealth": Valuing Health in the Nineteenth-Century United State, p. 775
Patrick Doyle, Sarah Roddy, Money, Death, and Agency in Catholic Ireland, 1850-1921, p. 799
Will Jackson, The Kindness of Strangers: Single Mothers and the Politics of Friendship in Interwar Cape Town, p. 819
Christine Mathias, The First Peronists: Indigenous Leaders, Populism, and the Argentine Nation-State, p. 843
Diane P. Koenker, The Smile behind the Sales Counter: Soviet Shop Assistants on the Road to Full Communism, p. 872
Franca Iacovetta, Erica Toffoli, A Double-Edged Pluralism: Paradoxes of Diversity in the International Institute Movement, 1945-1965, p. 897
Dario Gaggio, Pioneers or Mere Labor Force? Post-World War II Italian Rural Migration to Brazil and the Legacies of Colonialism, p. 920
Marcelo Casals, The Insurrection of the Middle Class: Social Mobilization and Counterrevolution during the Popular Unity Government, Chile, 1970-1973, p. 944

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