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List of Contributors
Review of OUHS Speaker Events

Abishek Matta, Emergence of a Regional Statehood: On Kakatiyan Polity
James Nevett, Between the Court of King Hal and the New Frontier: A Comparative History of Henry V and John F. Kennedy
Calvin Jordan, The English East India Company at the Cape of Good Hope during the first British occupation, c.1795-1803: Transoceanic Connections and Maritime Networks, and the Making of the Maritime Zone
Callum Coleman, Transnational History and Integration: The Case of the Yunnan Myth
Vaishna Surjid, 'The land of our fathers': Global Visions in African American Churches, 1870-1970
Daniel Hubbard, J'Accuse! - How the Dreyfus Affair Reshaped French Politics
David Saveliev, to what extent was the Bolshevik victory between 1917 and 1921 due to genuine popular support?
Katherine Booska, Romania and Her Jews: Wartime Anti-Semitism within the Romanian Orthodox Church
Maya Richardson, Opportunity, Charisma, and an Ill-Defined Mission: Indonesian Nationalism's Ticket to the top
Elizabeth Rees, 'Once a Polio Victim': Wilma Rudolph and American Exceptionalism at the 1960 Olympics
David Saveliev, Homo Soveticus Gorbyus: Was Mikhail Gorbachev responsible for the collapse of the USSR?
Neil Banerji, The Fall of the Evil Empire: The Reagan Administration, European Transnationalism, and the End of the Cold War

Book Reviews?

Geraint Hughes, "That his Poems will not be Immortal", Martial in Early Modern England
Lestra Atlas, Dangerous Priests, Vulnerable Women, and Female Protectors: Clerical Seduction in the Life of Yvette of Huy
Scarlette Zhu, Governance, Law and Land: Institutional Development and Economic Growth of Shanghai in the Treaty Port Era, 1854-1937

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