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a. 52, 2021, 3

Ingrid K. van Dijk, Jan Kok, Kept in the Family: Remarriage, Siblings, and Consanguinity in the Netherlands, p. 313
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Daniel Schwartz, An Early Power-Sharing Regime: The Alternativa System in Spanish Colonial America, p. 383

Sukriti Issar, Property, Custom, and Religion in Early Nineteenth-Century Bombay, p. 401

a. 52, 2021, 2

Valerie Shrimplin, Channa N. Jayasena, Was Henry VIII Infertile? Miscarriages and Male Infertility in Tudor England, p. 155
Lyong Choi, Sang Hun Yi, Forced Self-Reliance: The Kamakura Bakufu Defense against the Mongol Invasion of Japan, p. 177
Hillel Eyal, Going Local and Global: Internal and Transatlantic Migration in Eighteenth-Century Spain, p. 197
Wayne Geerling, Gary B. Magee, Russell Smyth, Occupation, Reparations, and Rebellion: The Soviets and the East German Uprising of 1953, p. 225

a. 52, 2021, 1

Giacomo Bonan, Claudio Lorenzini, Common Forest, Private Timber: Managing the Commons in the Italian Alps, p. 1
G�bor Mih�ly T�th, Friendship, Uncertainty, and "Commonplacing" in Renaissance Florence, p. 27

Nicolas Todd, Baptiste Coulmont, Naming for Kin during World War I: Baby Names as Markers for War, p. 55

Review Essays, p. 69

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