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a. LXXXII, 2022, 2

John Joseph Wallis, An Alternative Institutional Approach to Rules, Organizations, and Development, p. 335
Yuzuru Kumon, The Labor-Intensive Path: Wages, Incomes, and the Work Year in Japan, 1610-1890, p. 368
Warren Whatley, How the International Slave Trades Underdeveloped Africa, p. 403
Atsushi Kobayashi, Asia's Silver Absorption through the Triangular Settlement System, 1846-1870, p. 442
Nathan Sussman, Financial Developments in London in the Seventeenth Century: The Financial Revolution Revisited, p. 480
Ann M. Carlos, Donna L. Feir, Angela Redish, Indigenous Nations and the Development of the U.S. Economy: Land, Resources, and Dispossession, p. 516

Dissertation Summary, p. 556
Abstracts of Papers Presented at the 2021 Annual Meeting, p. 592
Editors' notes, p. 613
Reviews of books, p. 619

a. LXXXII, 2022, 1

José-Antonio Esp�n-Sánchez, Salvador Gil-Guirado, Chris Vickers, La "Do�a" � Mobile: The Role of Women in Social Mobility in a Pre-Modern Economy, p. 1
Concepción Betr�n, Michael Huberman, Against the Grain: Spanish Trade Policy in the Interwar Years, p. 42
Guido Alfani, Victoria Gierok, Felix Schaff, Economic Inequality in Preindustrial Germany, ca. 1300-1850, p. 87
Jaime Arellano-Bover, Displacement, Diversity, and Mobility: Career Impacts of Japanese American Internment, p. 126
Jonathan Chapman, Interest Rates, Sanitation Infrastructure, and Mortality Decline in Nineteenth-Century England and Wales, p. 175
Pim de Zwart, Daniel Gallardo-Albarr�n, Auke Rijpma, The Demographic Effects of Colonialism: Forced Labor and Mortality in Java, 1834-1879, p. 211
Luna Bellani, Anselm Hager, Stephan E. Maurer, The Long Shadow of Slavery: The Persistence of Slave Owners in Southern Lawmaking, p. 250
François R. Velde, What Happened to the U.S. Economy during the 1918 Influenza Pandemic? A View Through High-Frequency Data, p. 284

Editors' notes, p. 327
Reviews of books, p. 331

a. LXXXI, 2021, 4

Rui Esteves, Gabriel Geisler Mesevage, Private Benefits, Public Vices: Railways and Logrolling in the Nineteenth-Century British Parliament, p. 975
Miguel Angel Carpio, María Eugenia Guerrero, Did the Colonial mita Cause a Population Collapse? What Current Surnames Reveal in Peru, p. 1015
Chicheng Ma, Knowledge Diffusion and Intellectual Change: When Chinese Literati Met European Jesuits, p. 1052
Michiel de Haas, The Failure of Cotton Imperialism in Africa: Seasonal Constraints and Contrasting Outcomes in French West Africa and British Uganda, p. 1098
Yanfeng Gu, James Kai-sing Kung, Malthus Goes to China: The Effect of "Positive Checks" on Grain Market Development, 1736-1910, p. 1137
Emily Battaglia, Faizaan Kisat, Malaria, Race, and Inequality: Evidence from the Early 1900s U.S. South, p. 1173
Conor Lennon, G.I. Jane Goes to College? Female Educational Attainment, Earnings, and the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, p. 1223

Editors' notes, p. 1255
Reviews of books, p. 1263
Miscellaneous, p. 1268

a. LXXXI, 2021, 3

Joshua K. Hausman, Paul W. Rhode, Johannes F. Wieland, Farm Product Prices, Redistribution, and the Early U.S. Great Depression, p. 649
St�phane Becuwe, Bertrand Blancheton, Christopher M. Meissner, The French (Trade) Revolution of 1860: Intra-Industry Trade and Smooth Adjustment, p. 688
Federico Droller, Martin Fiszbein, Staple Products, Linkages, and Development: Evidence from Argentina, p. 723
Tobias A. Jopp, War, Coal, and Forced Labor: Assessing the Impact of Prisoner-of-War Employment on Coal Mine Productivity in World War I Germany, p. 763
Greg Howard, Arianna Ornaghi, Closing Time: The Local Equilibrium Effects of Prohibition, p. 792
Quentin Lippmann, From Material to Non-Material Needs? The Evolution of Mate Preferences through the Twentieth Century in France, p. 831
Nuno Palma, Liuyan Zhao, The Efficiency of the Chinese Silver Standard, 1920-1933, p. 872
Simone A. Wegge, Inheritance Institutions and Landholding Inequality in Nineteenth-Century Germany: Evidence from Hesse-Cassel Villages and Towns, p. 909

Peter M. Solar, China's GDP: Some Corrections and the Way Forward, p. 943

Stephen Broadberry, Hanhui Guan, David Daokui Li, China, Europe, and the Great Divergence: A Restatement, p. 958

a. LXXXI, 2021, 2

Hugh Rockoff, Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen: The Bank Failures and Near Failures That Started America's Greatest Financial Panics, p. 331
Neil Cummins, Where Is the Middle Class? Evidence from 60 Million English Death and Probate Records, 1892-1992, p. 359
Felipe González, Felipe Vial, Collective Action and Policy Implementation: Evidence from Salvador Allende's Expropriations, p. 405
Denis Cogneau, Yannick Dupraz, Sandrine Mespl�-Somps, Fiscal Capacity and Dualism in Colonial States: The French Empire 1830-1962, p. 441
Jakob Molinder, tobias Karlsson, Kerstin Enflo, More Power to the People: Electricity Adoption, Technological Change, and Labor Conflict, p. 481
Craig Palsson, Small Farms, Large Transaction Costs: Haiti's Missing Sugar, p. 513
Duol Kim, Heejin Park, Biological Living Standards of Korea during the Port-Opening Period, 1876-1910, p. 549

Summaries of doctoral dissertations, p. 577
Abstracts of papers presented at the 2020 annual meeting, p. 615
Editors' notes, p. 635
Reviews of books, p. 641

a. LXXXI, 2021, 1

James Fenske, Namrata Kala, Linguistic Distance and Market Integration in India, p. 1
W. Walker Hanlon, Casper Worm Hansen, Jake Kantor, Temperature, Disease, and Death in London: Analyzing Weekly Data for the Century from 1866 to 1965, p. 40
Gregori Galofr�-Vil�, Christopher M. Meissner, Martin McKee, David Stuckler, Austerity and the Rise of the Nazi Party, p. 81
Philip G. Pardey, Julian M. Alston, Unpacking the Agricultural Black Box: The Rise and Fall of American Farm Productivity Growth, p. 114
Natalya Naumenko, The Political Economy of Famine: The Ukrainian Famine of 1933, p. 156
Paul W. Rhode, Biological Innovation without Intellectual Property Rights: Cottonseed Markets in the Antebellum American South, p. 198
Morgan Kelly, Cormac � Gr�da, Peter M. Solar, Safety at Sea during the Industrial Revolution, p. 239
Giovanni Federico, Max-Stephan Schulze, Oliver Volckart, European Goods Market Integration in the Very Long Run: From the Black Death to the First World War, p. 276

Editors' Notes, p. 309
Reviews of Books, p. 316

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