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v. 28, 2021, 5

Joost Hengstmengel, The paradox of value in the teaching of the Church Fathers, p. 695
Enrico Petracca, On the origins and consequences of Simon's modular approach to bounded rationality in economics, p. 708
, Chester Barnard's systems-theoretic approach to organisation theory: a reconstruction Vladislav Valentinov, Steffen Roth Pages: 733
Pascal Bridel, The part played by general equilibrium in the liquidity preference vs loanable funds episode (1936-1956), p. 753
Tommaso Brollo, Money in the debt relationship: notes on the medieval conceptualisation of money in Accursius and Bartolus of Sassoferrato, p. 787
Adriano do Vale, Central bank independence, a not so new idea in the history of economic thought: a doctrine in the 1920s, p. 811
Pierre Courtois, Tarik Tazda�t, Jacques Lacan and game theory: an early contribution to common knowledge reasoning, p. 844

v. 28, 2021, 4

Tiago Cardao-Pito, Fisher-Modigliani-Miller organisational finance theory and the financialisation of contemporary societies, p. 499
Fabrizio Simon, The economist and the secret agent. Strategies to introduce the British model of society into Sicily of 1812.1, p. 523
Gary M. Galles, Robert L. Sexton, Why the kinked demand curve may still be useful, p. 559
Samuel Demeulemeester, The 100% money proposal of the 1930s: an avatar of the Currency School's reform ideas?, p. 577
Pierre Januard, Analysis risk and commercial risk: the first treatment of usury in Thomas Aquinas's Commentary on the Sentences, p. 599
Sergio Nistic�, Some notes on Gossen's "submerged and forgotten" approach to consumption and time, p. 635
Yorgos Stassinopoulos, Andreas Andr�ad�s: economic liberalism's dilemmas in the interwar period, p. 654

v. 28, 2021, 3

Alex M. Thomas, On "effectual demand" and the "extent of the market" in Adam Smith and David Ricardo, p. 305
Luca Sandon�, An intellectual boost for Italy's Europeanisation: the contribution of the influential think tanks Arel and Nomisma (1978-1993), p. 324
Jo�o Sics�, Keynes's state planning: from Bolshevism to The General Theory, p. 352
Lennart Erixon, The Stockholm School in a new age - Erik Lundberg's changing views of the Rehn-Meidner Model, p. 375
Kayoko Misaki, Léon Walras and The Wealth of Nations: what did he really learn from Adam Smith?, p. 404
Philippe Broda, Institutions, economy and politics: the debate between Commons and North, p. 419
Alexander Jordan, The dismal science down under: responses to Thomas Carlyle amongst Australasian Economists, c. 1880-1920, 436
Eric Magnin, Nikolay Nenovsky, Calculating without money. Theories of in-kind accounting of Alexander Chayanov, Otto Neurath and the early Soviet experiences, p. 456
Ariane Dupont Kieffer, The most Frischian among the Norwegian Economists, p. 478

v. 28, 2021, 2

Motohiro Okada, Maffeo Pantaleoni on labour exchange: bridge between neoclassicism and Fascism, p. 179
Michael Gaul, Robert Torrens' model of trade and growth: genesis and implications for the discovery of comparative advantage, p. 201
James R. Wible, Kevin D. Hoover, The economics of trade liberalization: Charles S. Peirce and the Spanish Treaty of 1884, p. 229
Claes-Henric Siven, Bent Hansen's theory of inflation 19511, p. 249
Paolo Paesani, Annalisa Rosselli, How speculation became respectable: early theories on financial and commodity markets, p. 273

v. 28, 2021, 1

Clément Coste, A trilogy of debt. The emancipatory virtue of public debt in saint-simonian, liberal and socialist discourses in nineteenth century France (1825-1852), p. 1
Rebeca Gomez Betancourt, Ivo Maes, Paul van Zeeland, a monetary economist between two worlds, p. 31
José M. Gaspar, New economic geography: history and debate, p. 46
Victor Cruz e Silva, Marco Cavalieri, Marcelo Curado, On the transmission of Keynes' and Keynesian ideas in Brazil through Eug�nio Gudin's Principles of Monetary Economics, p. 83
Attilio Trezzini, Sraffa on Marshall's theory of value in the Cambridge lectures: achievements in an unfinished criticism, p. 103
Luca Fiorito, Massimiliano Vatiero, Frank H. Knight on social values in economic consumption: an archival note, p. 126
Manolis Manioudis, Dimitris Milonakis, Smith's Wealth of Nations and the economic past: setting the scene for economic history?, p. 142

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