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a. 74, 2021, 4

John D. Turner, Introduction to the symposium on money, p. 871-872
Jim Bolton, Francesco Guidi-Bruscoli, 'Your flexible friend': the bill of exchange in theory and practice in the fifteenth century, p. 873
Olivier Accominotti, Delio Lucena-Piquero, Stefano Ugolini, The origination and distribution of money market instruments: sterling bills of exchange during the first globalization, p. 892
James L. Butkiewicz, Scott Ohlmacher, Ending Bretton Woods: evidence from the Nixon tapes, p. 922

Leandro Prados De La Escosura, Augmented human development in the age of globalization, p. 946
Tetsuji Okazaki, Disentangling the effects of technological and organizational changes during the rise of the factory: the case of the Japanese weaving industry, 1905-14, p. 976
Peter Anderson, Unions and compensating wage differentials for workplace accident risk: the English and Welsh railway industry, 1902-12, p. 1006
Mattia Fochesato, Plagues, wars, political change, and fiscal capacity: late medieval and Renaissance Siena, 1337-1556, p. 1031
Juan Flores Zendejas, Contesting the preferred creditor status of the League of Nations, 1931-3, p. 1062
Simon Szreter, Graham Mooney, Scarlet fever and nineteenth-century mortality trends: a reply to Romola Davenport, p. 1087
Romola J. Davenport, Nineteenth-century mortality trends: a reply to Szreter and Mooney, p. 1096

Book Reviews, p. 1111

a. 74, 2021, 3

Giovanni Federico, Introduction to the symposium on inequality, p. 581
Ingrid Bleynat, Am�lcar E. Chall�, Paul Segal, Inequality, living standards, and growth: two centuries of economic development in Mexico, p. 584
Alexandra De Pleijt, Jan Luiten Van Zanden, Two worlds of female labour: gender wage inequality in western Europe, 1300-1800, p. 611
Peter Scott, The anatomy of Britain's interwar super-rich: reconstructing the 1928/9 'millionaire' population, p. 639
Daniel Diaz Vidal, Historical social stratification and mobility in Costa Rica, 1840-2006, p. 666

Mario García-Z��iga, Ernesto López Losa, Skills and human capital in eighteenth-century Spain: wages and working lives in the construction of the Royal Palace of Madrid (1737-1805), p. 691
Javier D. Donna, José-Antonio Esp�n-Sánchez, Water theft as social insurance: south-eastern Spain, 1851-1948, p. 721
Gabriele Cappelli, Gloria Quiroga Valle, Female teachers and the rise of primary education in Italy and Spain, 1861-1921: evidence from a new dataset, p. 754
Nuala Zahedieh, Eric Williams, William Forbes: copper, colonial markets, and commercial capitalism, p. 784
Lars Karlsson, Peter Hedberg, War and trade in the peaceful century: the impact of interstate wars on bilateral trade flows during the first wave of globalization, 1830-1913, p. 809
Grant Fleming, Zhangxin (Frank) Liu, David Merrett, Simon Ville, Underpricing in a developing capital market: Australian equity issuances, 1920-39, p. 831

Book Reviews, p. 856

a. 74, 2021, 2

Nicholas Crafts, Understanding productivity growth in the industrial revolution, p. 309

Patrick Wallis, Symposium, p. 339
Pei Gao, Eric B. Schneider, The growth pattern of British children, 1850-1975, p. 341
Simon Szreter, Kevin Siena, The pox in Boswell's London: an estimate of the extent of syphilis infection in the metropolis in the 1770s, p. 372
Gregori Galofr�-Vil�, Bernard Harris, Growth before birth: the relationship between placental weights and infant and maternal health in early twentieth-century Barcelona, p. 400

Boško Mijatovic, Branko Milanovic, The real urban wage in an agricultural economy without landless farmers: Serbia, 1862-1910, p. 424
Mauro Rota, Jacob Weisdorf, Italy and the little divergence in wages and prices: evidence from stable employment in rural areas, p. 449
Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell, �ine Gallagher, John D. Turner, Independent women: investing in British railways, 1870-1922, p. 471
Shima Amini, Steven Toms, Elite directors, London finance, and British overseas expansion: Victorian railway networks, 1860-1900, p. 496
Thales Zamberlan Pereira, Taxation and the stagnation of cotton exports in Brazil, 1800-60, p. 522
Leticia Arroyo Abad, Noel Maurer, Blanca Sánchez-Alonso, Paesani versus paisanos: the relative failure of Spanish immigrants in Buenos Aires during the age of mass migration, p. 546

Book Reviews, p. 568

a. 74, 2021, 1

Giovanni Federico, Introduction, p. 3
G�rer Karagedikli, Ali Coskun Tun�er, House prices in the Ottoman Empire: evidence from eighteenth-century Edirne, p. 6
Amos Nadan, Reconsidering peasant communes in the Levant, c. 1850s-1940s, p. 34
Laura Panza, Ulas Karako�, Overcoming the Egyptian cotton crisis in the interwar period: the role of irrigation, drainage, new seeds, and access to credit, p. 60

Dan Bogart, Oliver Dunn, Eduard J. Alvarez-Palau, Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Speedier delivery: coastal shipping times and speeds during the Age of Sail, p. 87
Stefania Galli, Klas R�nnb�ck, Land distribution and inequality in a black settler colony: the case of Sierra Leone, 1792-1831, p. 115
Thanyaporn Chankrajang, Jessica Vechbanyongratana, Land, ladies, and the law: a case study on women's land rights and welfare in Southeast Asia in the nineteenth century, p. 138
Kyoji Fukao, Saumik Paul, Baumol, Engel, and beyond: accounting for a century of structural transformation in Japan, 1885-1985, p. 164
Michal Kopczynski, Mateusz Rodak, The Polish interbella puzzle: the biological standard of living in the Second Polish Republic, 1918-39 �, p. 181
Sibylle Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Fabian Wahl, The German bank-growth nexus revisited: savings banks and economic growth in Prussia, p. 204
Patrice Baubeau, Eric Monnet, Angelo Riva, Stefano Ungaro, Flight-to-safety and the credit crunch: a new history of the banking crises in France during the Great Depression, p. 223

Review of periodical literature, p. 251
Book Reviews, p. 295

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