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v. 52, 2022, 3

Special Issue: 'Greening' European Political Cultures
Guest Editors: Marzia Maccaferri, Lucia Bonfreschi

Lucia Bonfreschi, Marzia Maccaferri, Introduction: 'Greening' European Political Cultures, p. 327
Stephen Milder, Re-Interpreting West Germany's Ecological Revolution: Environmental Politics, Grassroots Activism, and Democracy in the Long 1970s, p. 332
Philippe Buton, The French Left and the Politicization of Environmental Issues, p. 352
Lucia Bonfreschi, The Green is the New Red? A Libertarian Challenge: The Radicals and the Friends of the Earth Italy, 1976-1983, p. 373
Marzia Maccaferri, From 'Old' to 'New' Politics: The Politicization of the Environment in Left-Wing British Intellectual Discourse (1970s-1980s), p. 401
Melanie Arndt, Environmentalism or Sausages? Politicizing the Environment in the Late Soviet Union, p. 418

Marta Cieslak, Between State and Empire, Or HowWestern European Imperialism in Africa Redefined the Polish Nation, p. 440
Jan Rybak, Racialization of Disease: The Typhus-Epidemic, Antisemitism and Closed Borders in German-Occupied Poland, 1915-1918, p. 461
Danny Evans, In and Against the State: The Making and Unmaking of the Barcelona May Days (1937), p. 485
Luis Domínguez-Castro, José Ram�n Rodríguez-Lago, Invoking the Spirit: Salvador de Madariaga, Religious Networks and European Integration Beyond the Churches, p. 506

v. 52, 2022, 2

Special Issue: 'Everyday life' and the History of Dictatorship in Southern Europe
Guest Editors: Kate Ferris, Claudio Hernández Burgos

Kate Ferris, Claudio Hernández Burgos, 'Everyday Life' and the History of Dictatorship in Southern Europe, p. 123

Kate Ferris, Everyday Spaces: Bars, Alcohol and the Spatial Framing of Everyday Political Practice and Interaction in Fascist Italy, p. 136
Claudio Hernández Burgos, Neither Resistance nor Consent: Alltagsgeschichte, Everyday Economy and Eigen-Sinn in Franco's Post-War Spain (1939-1951), p. 160
Gloria Rom�n Ruiz, Mocking the Dictatorship: Symbolic Resistance in Everyday Life During Francoism in the 1960s, p. 179
Daniel Melo, 'Living Normally': Everyday Life Under Salazarism, p. 200
Beatriz Valverde Contreras, Alexander Keese, Living at the Margins of Repression: Everyday Life and Hidden Challenges in the Azores' Central Group, 1954-1960, p. 221
Huw Halstead, 'The Pawns That They Moved Here and There'? Microacts, Room for Manoeuvre, and Everyday Agency in the 1974 Cyprus Conflict, p. 245
Luke Gramith, Minders of the Clock and Starvers of the People: Everyday Fascism and the Grassroots Logic of Revolutionary Defascistization in Monfalcone, Italy, 1922-1946, p. 268
Ursula-Helen Kassaveti, Nikolaos Papadogiannis, 'The Azure Generation': Liberal Youth Politics in Greece and the Politicization of Music, 1982-1984, p. 296

v. 52, 2022, 1

Marta Tomczak, The Impact of the Napoleonic Legislation on the Periphery of the Empire - a Failure? The Polish Elite's Attitude Towards the Napoleonic Code (1807-1812), p. 3
V�clav Šmidrkal, A Milestone or Mistake of Progress? The Death Penalty and State Consolidation in Austria and Czechoslovakia after 1918, p. 21
Margarite Poulos, Beyond the Ballot box: Rethinking Greek Communism Between the Wars, p. 43
Galadriel Ravelli, Strategies of Survival: Reviving the Neo-Fascist Network Through a Transnational Magazine, p. 65
Christopher A. Molnar, The Cold War and Return Migration: The West German Response to Yugoslavia's Efforts to Influence its Workers Abroad, p. 87

Review Article, p. 114

v. 51, 2021, 4

Special Issue: Open Houses in Early-Modern Europe: Contexts and Approaches
Guest editors: Raffaella Sarti, Margareth Lanzinger, Joachim Eibach

Raffaella Sarti, Margareth Lanzinger, Joachim Eibach, Introduction, p. 431

Raffaella Sarti, Open Houses from Etic to Emic Perspectives: Casa Aperta in Early-Modern and Nineteenth-Century Italy, p. 440
Eleonora Canepari, Common Places: Sharing Spaces in Early Modern 'Ordinary' Houses, p. 464 Amanda Flather, The Organization and Use of Household Space for Work in Early Modern England: 1550-1750, p. 480
Julie Hardwick, Intimacy, Community and Doing House in Old Regime France, p. 504

Christopher Korten, Profaning the Sacred: The Unorthodox Financial Activities of Catholic Clerics During the Napoleonic Period, 1796-1814, p. 523
Dario Gaggio, Triangulating Labor, Capital, and Land: Italian Emigrant Colonization in Latin America and the Contradictions of US Hegemony, 1947-1953, p. 543

Book Reviews, p 567

v. 51, 2021, 3

Stefanos Katsikas, Sakis Dimitriadis, Muslim Converts to Orthodox Christianity during the Greek War of Independence, 1821-1832, p. 299
Francisco Javier Ram�n Solans, Mary into Combat: Marian Devotions and Political Mobilizations during the European Culture Wars, p. 324
Andrew G. Bonnell, Anti-Semitism, Denunciation, and the Frankfurt Trial against Rosa Luxemburg, p. 345
Richard Cleminson, Ricardo Roque, Imagining the 'Biochemical Race': Sero-Anthropology and Concepts of Racial Purity in Portugal (1900s-1950s), p. 355
Agnieszka Pasieka, Making an Ethnic Group: Lemko-Rusyns and the Minority Question in the Second Polish Republic, p. 386

Book Reviews, p. 411

v. 51, 2021, 2

Artemis Ignatidou, Where Music Resides: Educational and Artistic Institutions, Nationalism, and Musical Debates in Nineteenth-Century Athens, p. 143
Selena Daly, Emigrant Draft Evasion in the FirstWorldWar: Decision-Making and Emotional Consequences in the Transatlantic Italian family, p. 170
Aristotle Kallis, The Transnational Co-production of Interwar 'Fascism': On the Dynamics of Ideational Mobility and Localization, p. 189 Janina Kostkiewicz, Lucas B. Mazur, Polish Catholic Concerns regarding the Rise of National Socialism in Germany, p. 214
Joachim C. H�aberlen, Spiritual Politics: New Age and New Left in West Germany around 1980, p. 239

Book Reviews, p. 262

v. 51, 2021, 1

Retrospective: Fifty Years of European Studies Review and European History Quarterly, p. 3

Jaap Geraerts, Competing Sacred Spaces in the Dutch Republic: Confessional Integration and Segregation, p. 7
Joseph D. Prestia, 'Civilized States' and Situational Sovereignty: The Dilemmas of Romanian Neutrality, 1914-1916, p. 45
Chelsea Sambells, 'Children Are to Be Regarded as Propaganda': Contradictions of German Occupation Policies in the Child Evacuations to Switzerland, 1941-1942, p. 76
Bram Mellink, Neoliberalism Incorporated: Early Neoliberal Involvement in the Postwar Reconstruction: The Case Study of the Netherlands (1945-1958), p. 98
Matteo Albanese, The Italian Fascist Community in Argentina, 1946-1978, p. 122

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