Explorations in Economic History

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v. 82, 2021, 4

Alessandro Nuvolari, Valentina Tartari, Matteo Tranchero, Patterns of innovation during the Industrial Revolution: A reappraisal using a composite indicator of patent quality
Barry R. Chiswick, RaeAnn Halenda Robinson, Women at work in the United States since 1860: An analysis of unreported family workers
Prince Young Aboagye, Jutta Bolt, Long-term trends in income inequality: Winners and losers of economic change in Ghana, 1891-1960
Oana Borcan, Ola Olsson, Louis Putterman, Transition to agriculture and first state presence: A global analysis
David Escamilla-Guerrero, Edward Kosack, Zachary Ward, Life after crossing the border: Assimilation during the first Mexican mass migration

Stephen D. Billington, What explains patenting behaviour during Britain's Industrial Revolution?

v. 81, 2021, 3

Timur Natkhov, Natalia Vasilenok, Skilled immigrants and technology adoption: Evidence from the German settlements in the Russian empire
Faisal Z. Ahmed, Muslim conquest and institutional formation
Konstantin A. Kholodilin, Leonid E. Limonov, Sofie R. Waltl, Housing rent dynamics and rent regulation in St. Petersburg (1880-1917)
Werner Troesken, Nicola Tynan, Yuanxiaoyue Artemis Yang, What are the health benefits of a constant water supply? Evidence from London, 1860-1910
Kate Ekama, Johan Fourie, Hans Heese, Lisa-Cheree Martin, When Cape slavery ended: Introducing a new slave emancipation dataset
Yao Chen, Nuno Palma, Felix Ward, Reconstruction of the Spanish money supply, 1492-1810

v. 80, 2021, 2

Surveys and Speculations
William J. Collins, The Great Migration of Black Americans from the US South: A guide and interpretation
Andriana Bellou, Emanuela Cardia, The Great Depression and the rise of female employment: A new hypothesis
Anna Grodecka-Messi, Se�n Kenny, Anders �gren, Predictors of bank distress: The 1907 crisis in Sweden
Joseph Price, Kasey Buckles, Jacob Van Leeuwen, Isaac Riley, Combining family history and machine learning to link historical records: The Census Tree data set
Vincent Geloso, Jamie Bologna Pavlik, The Cuban revolution and infant mortality: A synthetic control approach

v. 79, 2021, 1

Vellore Arthi, John Parman, Disease, downturns, and wellbeing: Economic history and the long-run impacts of COVID-19

Se�n Kenny, Jason Lennard, John D. Turner, The macroeconomic effects of banking crises: Evidence from the United Kingdom, 1750-1938
Jonathan Rose, Short-term residential mortgage contracts in American economic history
Max Breitenlechner, Gabriel P. Mathy, Johann Scharler, Decomposing the U.S. Great Depression: How important were loan supply shocks?
Adrien Montalbo, Schools without a law: Primary education in France from the Revolution to the Guizot Law

Jan Annaert, Gertjan Verdickt, Go active or stay passive: Investment trust, financial innovation and diversification in Belgium's early days

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