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v. 96, 2022, 1

JoAnne Yates and Craig N. Murphy, Guest Editors

Editors' Note, p. 1

JoAnne Yates, Craig N. Murphy, Introduction: Standards and the Global Economy, p. 3
Anne G. Hanley, Men of Science and Standards: Introducing the Metric System in Nineteenth-Century Brazil, p. 17
Stephen Mihm, Inching toward Modernity: Industrial Standards and the Fate of the Metric System in the United States, p. 47
Grace Ballor, CE Marking, Business, and European Market Integration, p. 77
Andrew L. Russell, James L. Pelkey, Loring Robbins, The Business of Internetworking: Standards, Start-Ups, and Network Effects, p. 109
Xaq Frohlich, Making Food Standard: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Food Standards of Identity, 1930s-1960s, p. 145
Margaret B. W. Graham, Comment, p. 177

Announcements, p. 189
Perspectives, p. 195
Review Essay, p. 223
Book Reviews, p. 862

v. 95, 2021, 4

Editors' Note, p. 629

Shennette Garrett-Scott, "All the Other Devils this Side of Hades": Black Banks and the Mississippi Banking Law of 1914, p. 631
Michael Aldous, Christopher Coyle, Examining the Role of a Private-Order Institution in Global Trade: The Liverpool Cotton Brokers' Association and the Crowning of King Cotton, 1811-1900, p. 671
Seven Agir, Cihan Artun�, Set and Forget? The Evolution of Business Law in the Ottoman Empire and Turkey, p. 703
Andrew Smith, Robert E. Wright, Sowing the Seeds of a Future Crisis: The SEC and the Emergence of the Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO) Category, 1971-1975, p. 739
Adam Nix, Stephanie Decker, Carola Wolf, Enron and the California Energy Crisis: The Role of Networks in Enabling Organizational Corruption, p. 765

Announcements, p. 803
Perspectives, p. 805
Review Essay, p. 823
Book Reviews, p. 862

v. 95, 2021, 3


Editors' Note, p. 373

Jeffrey Fear, Cristina Stanca-Mustea, "Carl Laemmle Presents": A Story of Political and Cultural Risk in Germany, 1917-1934, p. 375
Samuel E. Backer, The Informational Economy of Vaudeville and the Business of American Entertainment, p. 423
Cynthia B. Meyers, Advertisers and American Broadcasting: From Institutional Sponsorship to the Creative Revolution, p. 447
Sudev Sheth, Geoffrey Jones, Morgan Spencer, Emboldening and Contesting Gender and Skin Color Stereotypes in the Film Industry in India, 1947-1991, p. 483
Juan Ricardo Nazer, Manuel Llorca-Ja�a, The Development of the Casino Industry in Chile, p. 517
Denise Tsang, Innovation in the British Video Game Industry since 1978, p. 543

Announcement, p. 569
Review Essay, p. 571

v. 95, 2021, 2

Editors' Note, p. 191

Se�n Kenny and Anders �gren, Unlimiting Unlimited Liability: Legal Equality for Swedish Banks with Alternative Shareholder Liability Regimes, 1897-1903, p. 193
Francesca Fauri, The Italian State's Active Support for the Aeronautical Industry: The Case of the Caproni Group, 1910-1951, p. 219
Muhammad H. Zaman, Tarun Khanna, The Cost and Evolution of Quality at Cipla Ltd., 1935-2016, p. 249
John D. Wong, Making Vitasoy "Local" in Post-World War II Hong Kong: Traditionalizing Modernity, Engineering Progress, Nurturing Aspirations, p. 275
Carlo Edoardo Altamura, Global Banks and Latin American Dictators, 1974-1982, p. 301

Announcement, p. 333
Review Essay, p. 335
Book Reviews, p. 354

v. 95, 2021, 1

Editors' Note, p. 1 Timothy W. Guinnane, Research Creating a New Legal Form: The GmbH, p. 3
Arnaud Bartolomei, Matthieu de Oliveira, Boris Deschanel, Thomas Mollanger, The Making of Commercial Innovations: The Use of Printed Commercial Circular Letters in France and Europe, 1750-1850, p. 33
Maanik Nath, Do Institutional Transplants Succeed? Regulating Raiffeisen Cooperatives in South India, 1930-1960, p. 59
Peter Conti-Brown, Sean H. Vanatta, The Logic and Legitimacy of Bank Supervision: The Case of the Bank Holiday of 1933, p. 87
Tom Nicholas, How History Shaped the Innovator's Dilemma, p. 121

Announcement, p. 149
Review Essay, p. 151
Book Reviews, p. 159

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