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v. 64, 2022, 1

Alexandra D. Ketchum, Cooking the books: Feminist restaurant owners' relationships with banks, loans and taxes, p. 1
Jim Tomlinson, Jim Phillips, Valerie Wright, De-industrialization: a case study of Dundee, 1951-2001, and its broad implications, p. 28
Robin Mackie, Succession and inheritance in Scottish business families, c.1875-1935, p. 55
Mercedes Fernàndez-Paradas, Alberte Martínez-López, Jesús Mir�s-Araujo, The gas companies in Spain, a long-run approach (1842-2018), p. 75

Rafael Vallejo Pousada, Carlos Larrinaga, Travel agencies in Spain during the first third of the 20th century. A tourism business in the making, p. 98

Samuel Garrido, Cooperatives, opportunism and quality product: Why the early Spanish cooperative wineries produced ordinary wine, p. 118
Marta Gasparin, William Green, Christophe Schinckus, Shaping success through creative failure: A historical sensemaking analysis of the computerisation of the UK financial market, p. 134
Maciej Tyminski, Managers in the command economy: Case studies from Poland, 1956-1970, p. 156
Peter Scott, General Motors' other franchise system: Creating an effective distribution model for Frigidaire, p. 183

v. 63, 2021, 8

Niall G. MacKenzie, Andrew Perchard, Christopher Miller, Neil Forbes, Business-government relations and national economic models: A review and future research directions in varieties of capitalism and beyond, p. 1239
Martin Shanahan, Susanna Fellman, Shifts in government business relations: Assessing change using the restrictive business registers in the OECD, 1945-1995, p. 1253
Maria Fernandez-Moya, Nuria Puig, Shaping the rules of the game: Spanish capitalism and the publishing industry under dictatorship (1939-1975), p. 1273
Zoi Pittaki, 'No mutiny will be allowed': business, the tax system and the Greek version of Mediterranean capitalism during dictatorship, 1967-1974, p. 1293
Chenxiao Xia, State intervention in East Asia's varieties of capitalism: A case study of the electric power industry in China and Japan, 1882-1951, p. 1309
Pasi Nevalainen, Ville Yliaska, From state-owned smokestacks to post-industrial dreams: The Finnish government in business, 1970-2010, p. 1327
Martin Eriksson, Lena Andersson-Skog, Josefin Sabo, National institutions, regional outcomes. The political economy of post-war Swedish regional policy, p. 1357
Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal, Only one way to raise capital? Colombian business groups and the dawn of internal markets, p. 1371
Julie Bower, Varieties of capitalism, competition policy and the UK alcoholic beverages industry, p. 1393
Grietjie Verhoef, 'Settlers and comrades'. The variety of capitalism in South Africa, 1910-2016, p. 1413

v. 63, 2021, 7

Geoffrey Poitras, Frederick Willeboordse, The societàs publicanorum and corporate personality in roman private law, p. 1055
Nicholas Alexander, Anne Marie Doherty, Overcoming institutional voids: Maisons sp�ciales and the internationalisation of proto-modern brands, p. 1079
Valeria Giacomin, Geoffrey Jones, Erica H. Salvaj, Business investment in education in emerging markets since the 1960s, p. 1113
Abe de Jong, Philip T. Fliers, Gerarda Westerhuis, Exceptional big linkers: Dutch evidence from the 20th century, p. 1144
Davide Bagnaresi, Francesco Maria Barbini, Patrizia Battilani, Organizational change in the hospitality industry: The change drivers in a longitudinal analysis, p. 1175
Maxime Merli, Antoine Parent, C�cile Edlinger, Portfolio advice before modern portfolio theory: The Belle Epoque of French analyst Alfred Neymarck, p. 1197

v. 63, 2021, 6

Special issue paper in Bank-Industry versus Stock Market-Industry Relationships

José L. García-Ruiz, Michelangelo Vasta, Financing firms: Beyond the dichotomy between banks and markets, p. 877
Stefano Ugolini, The coevolution of banks and corporate securities markets: The financing of Belgium's industrial take-off in the 1830s, p. 892
Emilie Bonhoure, David Le Bris, Did French stock markets support firms of the second industrial revolution?, p. 914
Mark Billings, Simon Mollan, Philip Garnett, Debating banking in Britain: The Colwyn committee, 1918, p. 944
Philipp Kern, Gerhard Schnyder, Corporate networks in post-war Britain: Do finance-industry relationships matter for corporate borrowing?, p. 966
Alberto Rinaldi, Anna Spadavecchia, The banking-industry relationship in Italy: large national banks and small local banks compared (1913-1936), p. 988
Lina Xu, Sophia Ji, Steven Dellaportas, The role of institutional entrepreneurship in the development of accounting in the early 20th century in China, p. 1007
Anders Perlinge, International mercantile networks and financial intermediation in nineteenth century Scania (Sweden). Foreign private capital imports and informal credit market imbalances, p. 1030

v. 63, 2021, 5

Aaron Graham, Slavery, capitalism, incorporation and the Close Harbour Company of Jamaica, circa 1800, p. 705
Tom Donnelly, Jason Begley, Clive Collis, The Rootes group: From growth to take-over, p. 727
Alberto Rinaldi, Giulia Tagliazucchi, Women entrepreneurs in Italy: A prosopographic study, p. 753
Richard Croucher, Gunnar Magne �kland, Women production workers' introduction into a Norwegian Shipyard 1965-1989, p. 776
James M. Wilson, Implementing and operating the Portsmouth Block Mill, 1803-1812, p. 795
Dimitris P. Sotiropoulos, Janette Rutterford, Carry van Lieshout, The rise of professional asset management: The UK investment trust network before World War I, p. 826
Jimmyn Parc, Business integration and its impact on film industry: The case of Korean film policies from the 1960s until the present, p. 850

v. 63, 2021, 4

Craig Heinicke, Seasonal variation in production, household composition and earnings in cottage manufacture: Evidence from women weavers employed by a mid-19th century Yorkshire firm, p. 529
Korinna Sch�nh�rl, Why does a prestigious emission house emit a loan for a peripheral state? The house of Rothschild and the Greek guaranteed loan of 1833, p. 557
Juha-Antti Lamberg, Sandra Lubinaite, Jari Ojala, Henrikki Tikkanen, The curse of agility: The Nokia Corporation and the loss of market dominance in mobile phones, 2003-2013, p. 574
Laura Maran, Lee Parker, Non-financial motivations in mergers and acquisitions: The Fiat-Ferrari case, p. 606
Maiju Wuokko, The curious compatibility of consensus, corporatism, and neoliberalism: The Finnish business community and the retasking of a corporatist welfare state, p. 668
Mariusz Lukasiewicz, Early regulation and social organisation on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, 1887-1892, p. 686

v. 63, 2021, 3

Martin Wilcox, 'To save the industry from complete ruin': Crisis and response in British fishing 1945-1951, p. 353
Finn Erhard Johannessen, Great expectations: geological theories and technological transfer at Aardal Copperworks in Norway in the first half of the eighteenth century, p. 378
David A. Turner, Kevin D. Tennent, Progressive strategies of municipal trading: The policies of the London County Council Tramways c. 1891-1914, p. 397
Fco. Javier Fernàndez-Roca, Jesús D. López-Manj�n, Business must go on: 175 years of an olive oil business beyond firms and families, p. 421
Clement Levallois, Ale Smidts, Paul Wouters, The emergence of neuromarketing investigated through online public communications (2002-2008), p. 443
Erik Lakomaa, Customer of last resort? The Swedish advertising industry and the government from World War II to the end of the Cold War, p. 467
Catherine Jill Bamforth, Malcolm Abbott, Entrepreneurs of the sky: Case studies on entrepreneurial learning from the early British aviation industry, p. 489

v. 63, 2021, 2

Christian Stutz, History in corporate social responsibility: Reviewing and setting an agenda, p. 175

Qing Lu, Bounded Reliability and the termination of international joint ventures - insights from the Mid-Med Bank, 1975-1979, p. 205
Douglas H.L. Brown, 'The caprice of a local board of guardians': Geographies of new poor law procurement in England and Wales, p. 225
Sudhanshu Shekhar, Vidyanand Jha, Emergence of the small-scale iron foundry industry in Howrah (India), 1833-1913, p. 249
Anders �gren, The political economy of banking regulation: interest groups and rational choice in the formation of the Swedish banking system 1822-1921, p. 271
Sturla Fjesme, Neal Galpin, Lyndon Moore, British IPO directors, 1891-1911, p. 292
Eoin McLaughlin, Paul Sharp, Competition between organisational forms in Danish and Irish dairying around the turn of the twentieth century, p. 314

v. 63, 2021, 1


Swapnesh K. Masrani, Carlo Joseph Morelli, Amiya Kumar Bagchi, The rise of Indian business in the global context in the twentieth century: A review and introduction, p. 1
Michael Aldous, Tirthankar Roy, Reassessing FERA: Examining British firms' strategic responses to 'Indianisation', p. 18
Carlo Morelli, Regulating the post-independence textile trade: Anglo-Indian tariff negotiations from independence to the Multi-Fibre Arrangement, p. 38
Ajit Nayak, Internationalisation of the Indian telecommunication industry (1947-2004): A firm-level perspective, p. 52
Christina Lubinski, Valeria Giacomin, Klara Schnitzer, Internment as a business challenge: Political risk management and German multinationals in Colonial India (1914-1947), p. 72
Neveen Abdelrehim, Aparajith Ramnath, Andrew Smith, Andrew Popp, Ambiguous decolonisation: a postcolonial reading of the IHRM strategy of the Burmah Oil Company, p. 98
Swapnesh K. Masrani, Linda Perriton, Alan McKinlay, Getting together, living together, thinking together: Management development at Tata Sons 1940-1960, p. 127

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